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Monthly Archives: November 2011

First Snow

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It’s beginning to look A LOT like Christmas around here.  Yesterday, Lilly and I put out all the Christmas directions with the plan to go get our tree on Friday.  Wil built a fire and we roasted marshmallows and listened to Christmas songs.

Lilly was up super early this morning and as I lay there, trying to grab the last few moments of sleep, I heard her exclaim, “It’s winter! It’s snowing! All the leaves are gone!”


Home Again

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We traveled to Asheville for the Thanksgiving weekend to find gorgeous weather and good family times.  I felt like I had packed the house in the car but it was all worth it once there.   We did a little shopping, ate a lot of food, and watched Lilly and Willow grow right before our eyes. Willow rolled over for the first time while we were there!

Kei Kei and Pepaw showered us with love and hospitality which Lilly just couldn’t get enough of.

The day before Thanksgiving, we went to the Grove Park Inn which always gets me in the Christmas spirit.  The gingerbread houses are amazing and Lilly liked to see all the trees.  She now proclaims that she wants Santa to bring her a Christmas Tree.

Thanksgiving day was nice and relaxing.  Mamaw, Uncle Rick, Aunt Margaret and Cousin Jenny all came to share in the feast.

Lilly wore a special outfit which didn’t last long since the excitement got in the way of using the potty.

A must on our trip was to see Aunt Rita (which we did) and Sawyer Tait, the new member of Simon and Alyse’s family.  Well, he was stinkin adorable and quite the ladies man already.

Wil enjoyed some guy time with his friends while I enjoyed seeing my ol’ pal Marcy.  It is always nice to catch up and realize that no matter how much time goes between, we have golden friends.  Lilly went with Pepaw and Kei Kei to see the animals at the Biltmore Estate which she loved.

Here’s Lilly playing with the gift Marcy gave her:

Our last day there, we did a little shopping and saw Santa at the mall.  Lilly was intrigued but didn’t want to sit with or talk to Santa.  Maybe next year? I scored myself and a few friends some Muppet nail polish at the mall…it is, of course, awesome.

Our last night there, Shane, Tricia, and the girls came over to have yet another delicious meal provided by Kei Kei and Pepaw.  The cousins have such a good time playing together and I remember time with my cousins being some of the more special moments of my smaller years.

Making a List

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I made a few lists this week none of which contain the words naughty or nice.  They were packing lists because today we are headed to Kei Kei’s and Pepaw’s for Thanksgiving.  This will be Willow’s first big trip and since she isn’t much of a car sleeper, I have my fingers crossed that we get there with minimal protest crying.  In Lilly’s suitcase, she managed to stuff her blankie, a teddy bear, and a lovie giraffe.  Impressive that we got that thing closed!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays not only because it revolves around food but because it is just about getting together with family and that’s it.  Oh yeah, there was some stuff about pilgrims and Native Americans and that’s important too but for me, it’s about wearing stretchy pants and catching up on conversation.  The last couple of years we have been here in Tennessee and people have come to us so I am glad we are making the trek this year.

Willow has really started to coo and gurgle these days.  I cannot get enough of it and wish she’d do it more!  She continues to be a good natured baby that sleeps well at night making my days really great and mostly productive.

Sigh, our dog Sylus continues his decent on the importance meter.  Poor guy.  And he isn’t much for chasing squirrels either.  Our bird feeder is periodically bombarded with squirrels and Sylus just raises an eye brow and continues with his nap.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I leave you with a picture of Lilly wearing a barrage of belts. Just because.

A Round of Applause

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Little bitty Willow is getting not so little bitty.  Everyday she seems to do something new, look a little different, be even cuter.  Recently she found her hand.  I love to just watch her looking at it.  Recently, when she discovers it, she brings it to her face but maybe a little too close. 🙂

iPhone uh-oh

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Picture courtesy of my new phone!  Goofy face courtesy of silly Wil.  We had to set down some crazy rules in the house this past weekend.  I have never been technologically advanced so when Wil brought me home a new iPhone 4S my excitement was mixed with a bit of cautiousness.  Sure, it is pretty and white with a purple case and he has one too so we can play battleship or see each other when we talk from afar but this thing is WAY smarter then any other electronic I have ever owned.  When we first got the phones, we couldn’t stop using them to the point that Lilly was starting to get frustrated because every time she needed something, we would say, “Hold on just a minute, let me finish_______ (fill in the blank with texting or syncing or updating)”

Since Lilly has already mastered the pointing and clicking of a computer mouse, she has also been schooled in the ways of the itouch so I finally just kinda gave her my old itouch so she can play her toddler games on it.  Well, I knew we were in trouble when I said that it was dinner time and she said, “Hold on just a minute, let me finish my game.”  The rule was put forth at that moment:  no electronics at the dinner table and when it is time for dinner, you quit what you are doing unless you are saving the world or rewriting history.

Besides the new phones, the weekend was nice and the weather was warmer.  Fletcher and Anna came over for a playdate and we set up Lilly’s beach tent.  Never interested much in it before, I was surprised when I found her asleep in it for the night instead of in her bed.  I was tempted to join her because it looked fun but only half my body will fit in the tent so I opted for my own, more cushy bed.

Our family time during the weekends is so special and makes me so happy.  When Monday comes, I look forward to the break but I also know I will miss Lilly and Wil.

2 months old!

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We made it!  Willow has turned two months old and could not be cuter.   She is growing wonderfully and smiling as much as she can muster.  Sleeping well with the occasional 7 hour span!  Those only happen every once in awhile but are very welcomed by everyone because if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  We go to see Doctor Rawlings on Friday where we will know weight and length.

Don’t you just want to squish her!

Christ’s Own Forever

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Talk about your special occasions!  This past weekend, Willow was Baptized at The Church of the Good Shepherd.  Kei Kei and Pepaw were there as well as Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim.  It was so nice having everyone in our home, talking late into the evening, enjoying coffee and pumpkin muffins in the morning, watching Lilly play and laugh….these are the moments I love.

We asked Anna and Dusty to be Willow’s Godparents and through tears, they accepted!  We are so pleased that they will be a part of our lives no matter where we go because they will always be part of Willow’s.  We love those guys!  Not pictured is Fletcher who requests no photos be taken of him 🙂

As I walked down the center aisle of the church and I looked out on the faces, I realized how much I love the people of Good Shepherd.  I saw the smiling faces of so many folks I have grown to love and care about.  The fact that my girls get to start their lives at this place is a true blessing.

Willow received many beautiful gifts and was so good through most of the service, even when being baptized, she looked so peaceful and angelic.  She wore the Keith family baptismal gown (as did Lilly) that has been passed down for many many generations.

It was a beautiful day and I have a beautiful family.