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Happy New Year!

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A lot has happened since my last post.  There was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and a visit from Kei Kei and Pepaw.

Wil spent Christmas Eve at the church helping run the show from about 2pm until midnight.  Me and the girls made it to the Christmas Pageant service and had a front row seat to the songs and story of Jesus’ birth.  Willow slept through it while Lilly did a great job of either being interested or just being quiet as she played.  After getting them to bed, I spent the evening with Sylus putting out the presents and watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2.  My friend Catt and I had a phone date too since she also has a Priest for a husband.  We’ve decided to make that  a tradition.




Lilly was up early Christmas morning but forgot that Santa had come to visit.  After crawling into bed with us for a little while, we finally asked her if she remembered who came last night to give us presents.  Cautiously, she wondered out of bed and asked to be held as we went down the stairs.  I think she was worried he might still be in our house!  Once in the TV room, gift opening began and coffee drinking commenced.  Willow slept through most of it but was finally awake so that Lilly could assist in her present opening too.

We spent the rest of the day playing with our new toys, eating lots of food, and watching Christmas specials.  It was definitely a pajama day with the benefit of knowing Kei Kei and Pepaw were going to make the trip to see us the next day.





Upon their arrival, we opened more presents and enjoyed catching up.  By this point, Lilly had really gotten into the spirit of opening gifts and even handed them out to everyone!  Their last night here, Wil and I got to go see a concert at Track 29 while Kei Kei and Pepaw watched over the girls.  We had so much fun and having a stress free night, knowing that Lilly and Willow are in great hands is priceless.

Willow has started to reach out for objects (and my hair.  Ouch).  I love to watch her be amazed that she controlled the touching of a dangling toy.   Also, Kei Kei started razzing and buzzing at Willow and Willow would imitate what Kei Kei did!  It was super cute and super slobbery.  🙂

Lilly has been all about reading books to Willow these days.  Reading entails saying whatever words or sounds come to mind but Willow really likes it, cooing and smiling.


Tonight is New Years Eve and this year has been a blur of happy moments, heart stopping news, and new beginnings.  I hope 2012 is a year of growth and balance for everyone and that happiness prevails.




Staying In

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Thus far, the season has been full of relaxing at home, being with friends and anticipation of the big day.  Lilly has been singing Christmas carols in the car and her versions of the classics are better then anything they play on the radio.  We made one trip to Target and that is about all we could do this week!  I am glad I had done all the running around at the beginning of the month because going into the crowds with Willow and Lilly is a task I choose not to take on.

When I cut Lilly’s toe nails, I let her paint them and this time, I let her paint mine too.  Well…..

Probably not one of my better ideas but it isn’t sandal season. 🙂

Here’s a scene Lilly made where a panda hitched a ride on the tigers back.  It cracked me up (for a few reasons)but mostly because it was her solution to fitting everything on the board.  We also made sugar cookies from scratch which I will never do again with a two year old.  What made it challenging was the fact we had to sift the flour and then roll out the dough.  None the less, they tasted pretty good and our friend Rebecca and her children came over to help us decorate and eat them. Lilly has learned the joys of licking the spoon… is always my favorite part of baking.

Willow has been using her abs of steal to try sitting up more these days.  I noticed this and decided it was time for the Bumbo.  She seemed to be interested by the new view of her world and lasted a few mintues before slumping to the side.

Go Towards the Light

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It was a foggy, drizzly night here on Lookout Mountain and after a good nap and a lazy dinner, the family headed to Rock City for their Enchanted Garden of Lights.  There’s always a herd of people shuffling through the paths of Rock City even on a rainy night.  Wil and I sing our personalized version of the Christmas music being pumped through the place.  Lilly walks along and says whatever comes to her head about the lights, for example when approaching penguins and an igloo she says, “Look!  Birds with a mushroom!”  Well, she loved the lights and Willow loved them too as she sucked on her fingers and looked adorable. It was family fun for sure!





This Christmas, I decided to make stockings out of an old quilt my mom let me cut to pieces.  After watching videos on youtube, they made it look so doggone easy.  My first stocking was a fail but after that one, they improved and might actually hold some candy!  I am proud of them and hope they last for many years…..


Christmas Spirit

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I know that there’s a lot about Christmas that can be tough to deal with these days.  Excessive buying of toys, gorging on chocolate and sausage balls, the stress of going here and there but I think the wonderful things take control and that’s where the Christmas spirit comes from.  Wil and I had our first outing with a paid babysitter for Willow and Lilly last night.  I was a bit nervous about it at first but we left them in capable hands (we hired two babysitters) and we headed out to party hop on the Mountain.  That wonderful part of Christmas was abundant last night as we talked with friends, enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights on the houses, and best of all, Wil and I got to reconnect for a little bit.  The realization that we are blessed beyond belief is always there but was made clear to us when we got home and saw our sleeping children and warm home.

With having the two girls home all day this week, we have been dragging out all the toys and figuring out the fun things to do that wont drive me to the brink of insanity.  Using my old Strawberry Shortcake record player, Lilly spent time with Papa, listening to stories with the books to go along.  When that was over, Lilly wanted me to print out a picture for her to color.  Usually, it’s a one color scribble all over the page.  She brought me her paper to show me what she did and my shock and surprise made her smile SO big.  This was the first time she had attempted to color inside the lines and with different colors designated for different things.  Pretty monumental in my book of amateur artistry.

Fletcher and Anna came over this weekend and we spent a few minutes (thought it would take longer but it didn’t) making graham cracker “gingerbread ” houses.  It is always fun to have them come visit because Anna has quickly become such a wonderful friend and about 30 minutes into each visit, Lilly and Fletcher decide they do want to play with each other and then run around the house a few times laughing and squealing.

While the babysitters were here, they went into our junk room where I was keeping all the wrapped presents from Santa!  This morning, Lilly wanted to show me all the presents so I had to distract her while I went and hid them under the bed.  I am still not sure what I am going to say if she wants to see the presents again but I am hoping she’ll just forget about it.  A good lesson for the future…..I need to keep them hid a lot better or wait until the last minute to wrap them!

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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The love fest we have around here is sometimes just too much!  Cuteness abounds!

Lilly has decided to no longer call me “mommy.”  Yes, I am now just plain ol’ “mom.”  At first, I thought it was a fluke but it has been that way all week.

Yesterday, we had some unseasonably awesome weather.  It got up to at least 70 degrees so we all headed to the Commons to enjoy the sunshine and to get some exercise.  It was so nice to have Wil there to hang out so that I could play some with Lilly and so that we could all spend time together.

Willow was put into the baby swing and was just so content.  She eventually fell asleep and we took turns being near her.

This is Lilly’s last day of Preschool before the holiday break.  I am looking forward to having her home but am wondering what we will do all day!  Looks like crafts, books, and movies……

Christmas is oh so close and we couldn’t be more excited!


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Sometimes I cannot believe how fast time goes by.  Lilly would like Willow to grow just as fast so they can play together.  Bringing Willow play food, giving her a stuffed animal and talking to her when she is fussy are just a few of the ways Lilly likes to play with Willow.  As my weekends get daunting playing with dolls and cleaning up art supplies, I am reminded that soon, I will have little girls playing together and I will only wish they would invite me into their imaginary world.

On Saturday, Lilly picked up my hairbrush and comb and said, “Look, I am playing the violin!”  I love these moments because I am in awe of her creativity.  First off, where did she see a violin?  and second, how does she know how to hold it?  Just goes to show that kids are like little sponges, absorbing all the details.  Maybe we have a future classical violinist on our hands…..



Wil continues to be very busy this time of year.  We enjoyed our Sunday prepping for the Good Shepherd staff Christmas party.  With a rectory that has plenty of room to party, we admit we don’t host enough of them so the Christmas party is always welcomed and was fun.  Wil works with an amazing group of people who all bring something different to the table.  Of course we played dirty Santa and ate so much food!  One of my favorite moments was watching one of the men hold Willow during the game.  He just sat her right in his arms and she was so happy and relaxed.

Every once in awhile, I get photos from my folks on the road.  They are currently in New Orleans which  holds a special place in our hearts due to the fact some of our bestest buds took us there when we were in Sewanee.   I am happy that Nana and Daddy George are getting to see all the things that I one day want to see too!

3 months old!

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On December 4th. Willow turned three months old!  Everyone always told me how much quicker the second one grows and how fast it all seems to go but I really had no idea.  She is growing right out of all the 3 month clothes and has really started to be alert and participate in conversation with spit bubbles and cooing.  Her skin, chunky of course, but has a little eczema which I can’t remember Lilly ever having but we slap on the ointment and it doesn’t seem to bother her any.  Sleeping has continued to be awesome.  For example, she slept 10 hours straight last night after swaddling her and putting her in the crib at 7:30pm.  I am hoping this lasts and lasts and lasts.



We had yet another snow here yesterday.  I think we are going to have quite the cold and snowy winter.  I decided to wrap up the girls and take them for a stroll in the white stuff but what I didn’t plan for was the insane wind that came with the cold snow.  It hurt my cheeks so I knew it was hurting theirs.  We stayed out just long enough to put our feet and hands in it and take a stroll around the block.



At school this week, the teachers had planned themed dress up days so on the nativity day, I let Lilly look at our nativity scene and pick what she wanted to go as.  She picked the angel (collective “awwwwww” uttered here) and then I waited until 20 minutes before school to get the costume together.  Turned out alright and she was adorable!





And then there’s Sylus……….