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Imitation Spring

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With the weather being what it is around here, I created a nature hunt for Lilly to do around the neighborhood.  We had fun finding something red, something hard, water, something green… forth and so on.  When she found the item, she’d check it off her list.  It made me kind of sad that we could actually find the flower.  That’s not supposed to be happening!

Willow traveled in baby pack in order to join us on the hunt.  Speaking of Willow, she is enjoying other babies more now.  Especially herself!  She can spend a few minutes while I cleanup or brush my teeth looking at herself in the mirror.

On one of warmer days, we headed up to the dog park so that Sylus gets to run free.  It was beautiful but muddy from the huge amount of rain we’ve had.  No wonder mother nature is confused, we are having spring weather.

The first photo is Lilly wearing Wil’s sunglasses and headphones.  Papa isn’t the only person Lilly has been imitating.  I heard her exclaim, “I’m stuck!”  only to find her in the exer-saucer.

Hmmm, a bit jealous maybe?  Or just curious……

Wil continues to be very busy with church but loving it and I have been maintaining the house and my sanity. 🙂


In the middle of our street

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The weather has been kind of mahh lately so we’ve been doing lots of stuff inside.  Lilly has discovered Dora the Explorer which I admit is a nice change from the Mickey Mouse obsession.  With a lot of kids shows we watch, the character will ask a question and then pause so that the kids at home can answer.  With Mickey Mouse, Lilly never responded or joined in but while she was watching Dora, I heard her yelling at the TV.  I thought she was calling for me but then I realized she was telling Dora “where to go next” and she was yelling “Crystal Mountain!”

Willow is now ready, with support, for her exer-saucer!  This is great because it is a new place for her to be while we cook or hang out.  She likes it a lot and works very hard to swivel the seat around in order to see all the toys.

Nothing makes me smile more then when Lilly goes up to Willow and talks to her with all the love she can muster.  When Willow laughs or smiles back at Lilly, Lilly will run up to me and exclaim, “She smiled at me mommy!”  I feel like my heart might explode…..

I love to catch Lilly doing stuff when I am not looking or when she doesn’t require my attention.  Here she is in the act…..

Lilly received a new baby doll, complete with open and closing eyes.  She has essentially upgraded from my old Cabbage Patch and I have found her feeding and burping this baby a lot.  We discovered that it squeaked when she decided to pound on it for some reason.  I told her that mommies shouldn’t bang on their babies- only kisses.

Through Lilly’s Eye

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Here is a gallery of some of the best photos Lilly has taken over the past few weeks.  I have really seen a progression from just blur and color to actual images.  The camera has some features to it where you can put boarders or thing-a-ma-bobs on people’s heads.  She has figured out how it works and is getting better at centering the image and holding it still.  When she saw the pictures of Pepaw, she just cracked up and asks to see them again and again. 🙂  To see the world from her view……

Not My Usual

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It seems that I am becoming more aware of the pressures that we face raising kids today.  There’s always been stress involved and different kinds of things to worry about.  Just recently, I was introduced to an article about the bombardment of the “princess mentality.”  You’ve seen it:  Disney princesses on shirts, back packs, and even forks.  Pink tutus and tiaras around every corner.  I knew Barbie had issues but I never even thought about princesses teaching Lilly and Willow the wrong kind of messages about being a woman.  As a youngin, I watched the Little Mermaid and Aladdin so my first thoughts were, “Well, I turned out just fine!”  but on second thought, did I?  I consider myself  independent with decent self-esteem but it isn’t perfect.

I am also reading the book “Girls on the Edge” which might be giving me grey hairs.  On top of all that, NPR had a segment about antibiotics in meat and dairy which is something I already knew but had decided to ignore.  I just can’t ignore it anymore because I want Lilly and Willow to stay little as long as possible.  I would love to have the money to spend at Green Life but Bi – Lo offers some solutions and we will do the best we can for as long as we can.  As for the pink princess problem, I will just do my best at teaching them to be strong girls through my own actions and thoughts.  I want Lilly and Willow to see Cinderella and Snow White but I also want them to know Amelia Earhart and Tina Fey.

I needed to get all that off my mind for a while in order to show how my independent girl dressed herself to go outside!  She insisted on playing with sand on Saturday but it was only about 30 degrees outside so I told here to get a sweater and some shoes:


Sure, the shoes are on backwards and stars and stripes is played out but she was warm for the most part. Willow is becoming even stronger, able to really grab toys and even pull them so they make their noise or the vibration.  This makes her very happy.


On Friday, we went to Knoxville with Wil since he had a meeting at the Diocese.  The girls had a fun time at the mall eating ice cream, throwing coins into fountains and checking out the Disney Store.  When we headed out, I worried about spending so much time in the mall, wondering if both girls would last and be happy.  They both did which was a nice surprise.  I never should have doubted them. 🙂



Willow has started getting a bit of rice cereal at night to help her sleep a little better.  It is totally working and she seems to like the new flavor.  Lilly keeps waiting for it to snow but it seems the weather is confused these days.  Maybe one day we can build a snowman and go sledding……


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This picture says so much about the personalities of Willow and Lilly. Lilly is, well, silly and as far as it goes right now, Willow is a pretty serious baby.  The furrowed brow, the clasped hands, the frowny face….she does give the occasional smile but standing on my head has to precede it or Lilly just has to talk to her.  I think Willow is continuously trying to figure out what the heck is going on while Lilly runs circles around her and talks jibber jabber.  I gave Lilly all of five skittles yesterday and she didn’t slow down for hours!

On Friday, the weather was perfect.  Mother Nature’s flowers are budding and birds are chirping.  We spent most our day outside taking down Christmas every now and then.  It was one of those days that I just wanted to sit in the sun, feel the breeze, soak it in, and watch Lilly collect sticks and rocks.  Willow hung out in her bouncy seat and loved watching the trees and the sky.  We all took a walk as well and Lilly did great walking about a mile.

The next day was followed up by fog and rain.  It was a nice contrast allowing us to stay indoors and veg out a bit.

Lilly enjoys playing with the bucket that her stuffed toys live in.  Wil likes to do all the wrestling and horse stuff which isn’t my forte.  Guess who’s inside the twirling bucket? 🙂

Willow just likes to watch all the excitement.  Willow is also getting stronger legs, wanting to test them out as she stands for just a little while.

This week brings Willow’s four-month check up.  Can’t wait to see how she’s grown….I could wait on the shots though.

4 Months Old!

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Yesterday, Willow turned a whopping 4 months old.  I think things get easier and better at the 3 month mark and then they kinda level out, waxing and waning for the next few months.  Willow is no longer sleeping that awesome 10 hour chunk.  Now, it is more like 6 to 7 hours and then up every three after that.  My guess is she needed the food at night because goodness me, she has grown!  She is currently wearing 6 month clothes, a bit baggy but they definitely fit.  This works out perfectly since Lilly didn’t hit 6 months clothing until it started to get cold again so I have some outfits Willow can wear that were Lilly’s.

Speaking of sleep deprived (?), I am having a hard time getting Willow to take naps during the day.  She just fights them and when she finally falls asleep, they are power naps, lasting only 30 minutes or so.  All the research I have done says that this can be totally normal and to just wait it out because it will change eventually.  I love spending time with her but at the same time, I love it when she naps!

With neck strength increased, Willow is looking around more and more, trying to find the source of noises (usually Lilly) and noticing lights and objects.  She pretty much stopped rolling over but tummy time is a great chance for her to gain new perspective and work it out.  She has started to get her little legs underneath her some and can push her whole body around.

We go to the doctor next week but according to my scale, she is roughly 14 pounds.  Chunky legs and all, she is a sweet and cute baby, with the occasional scream and cry but always quick to smile back.


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Willow has begun emitting noises that only dogs should be able to hear.  Where might she have gotten this?  From Lilly of course!  When Lilly talks to Willow, she is very sweet saying things like, “It’s okay Willow Willow”  and “Hi Willow Willow.”  You’ll notice that she doubles the name but you will not notice the screechy voice she says these things in because there is no way to type how incredibly irritating it is.  When I am rocking Willow or holding her after a bottle feeding, Lilly will come up and laugh a little which will make Willow laugh a little which makes Lilly laugh a little which makes Willow laugh a little……it is adorable which makes up for the super sonic frequencies.  There is so much love in Willow’s eyes for Lilly.

Wil teaches the Monday morning chapel at Good Shepherd School.  Walking into the chapel with prayer hands, Lilly and her class get to hear these stories and sing the occasional guitar lead song.  At home,  we talk about the stories and Wil is known to even retell it to her at bedtime.  The other day, Lilly and Wil were upstairs playing when Lilly runs downstairs to get her “guitar”.  She pretended to be Papa and read the prayer book while playing music.  I think someone is a fan of the Papa.

Here’s a question?  How does a child, after washing and drying their hair end up with morning hair that looks like this:

Needless to say, it was a pig tail day.

Lilly received a camera for Christmas.  She loves to take pictures and will ask us to pose and say cheese.  I have decided to start featuring some of her photographs. I shall call them “Lilgraphs”- the world through the lens of a shorty.