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Mmmmmm, bacon

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It took me a few days but I finally was able to visit the blog again since the first thing I see when I sign on is Sylus’s picture.  As the grief subsided, that bit of happiness I feel after a tragic event, the one where I embrace life a little bit stronger, a lot tighter and with more love kicked in.  I still look at his grave, expect to see him when I hop in the bed, and wish I could say hi to him when I enter the house.

This past week was thankfully busy and we enjoyed Shrove Tuesday and some of the most delicious bacon I have ever eaten.  Maybe it was because someone else fixed it but it tasted the way bacon before Lent should taste…

Lilly is really starting to branch out, talking more to folks and able to express her needs and feelings better.  At the pancake supper, she joined in at the instrument playing and parading without needing Wil or I to be there with her.  Willow has been doing her happy baby pose and grabbing those cute little feet every chance she can.  I swear she gets cuter every day and even though she hasn’t been doing much on the new side, she has been sleeping a little better and spitting up a little less.

On Thursday, the weather was perfect. I spent very little time indoors and went for a walk with Willow and took the girls for a special drink at Starbucks along with a trip to Rock City to bask in the warmth and sunlight.

Wil has been doing great and using his chainsaw some to cut a fallen tree so that makes him feel all manly and stuff. 😉  On my walk, I saw a plant growing around an old fence.  I decided to make it a metaphor for Wil and I.  As we grow older, I feel us wrapping around each other, getting tighter and inseparable.  There’s a strange beauty to that even though it’s rusty and can be rough.  He’s definitely my lobster.


Smiling at the Wind

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On Saturday morning, February 18th, our dog Sylus died at about 2:30am.  The day before, Sylus had been sick and as the day progressed, he got much worse.  Wil was with Sylus when he finally gave his last puppy breath and then Wil woke me up to tell me the news and help him in the somber task of digging his grave and burying him under the stars.

After feeling like I may never stop crying, Saturday felt like a big blur where I just maintained my existence as best I could.  After one bout of crying, Lilly asked me why I was sad.  I asked her if she remembered Sylus being sick and then I told her that he didn’t get better and that he is now in heaven with Max, Kei Kei’s dog that passed away last year.  That seemed to answer her question but later that day, when I was sad again, Lilly asked why we couldn’t just go get him back.  She then went into a monologue about a flying cow finding Sylus and bringing him back to us.

At one point Saturday, I looked out at Sylus’s grave and the neighbor’s cat was sitting next to it and continued to sit there for hours.  It reminded me of when Max died and Sylus had found his grave and had sat next to it too.  The day got better until night time when we felt a lot of the same emotions again.  I know it will take time to be without the jingle of his collar or the click of his claws on the floor.  I am a better person for being his and am thankful that he was ours.

Wil and I sat down today and went through all our old photos finding some of the best one’s of Sylus.  We were reminded at all the places Sylus has lived-Boone, Denver, Black Mountain, Sewanee, Lookout Mountain.  How Kei Kei and I went to adopt him at Animal Haven in Oteen where he was living with his pig brothers that were rescued from a run down home.  How he loved running through snow and eating it and how he also liked to eat sticks while he basked in any sunlight he could find.  After a really good hike, he would sit with a dog smile and close his eyes when the wind blew.  Sylus would sleep at the foot of our bed and many a night I would wake up either pinned in by his position or crowded out of the bed by his impossible to move sleeping body.  With the birth of Lilly, Sylus was depressed for weeks because he didn’t get the same attention he used too and when Willow came along, I felt like he barely got a good pet during the day. He learned to love the girls and watched over them, happy to eat any food they dropped and take any love they gave.

So the day before his 11th birthday, I tell you about our dog with a lump in my throat and a smile at how wonderful he was.

That Puppet Video

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Still enjoying watching this…….


Happy Valentine’s Day

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Haters gonna hate but Valentine’s Day is what you make it.  Sure, you can buy into the extravagant gifts and it being just for couples but that does not have to be the case.  The Beatles said it best, love is all we need and any day that reminds us to love and actually proclaim it is a good day in my book.   Lilly spent some time this weekend making Wil a Valentine heart and Wil and I will work on a valentine for her and Willow this evening when he gets home and they go to bed.  Most girls love getting flowers but when you have a Lilly and Willow, who needs the vase!

Trips weren’t taken, outings weren’t had because this weekend, Lilly and I were under the weather and we ended up watching The Lion King which I loved but Lilly wasn’t so much into.  We also watched Wall-E  which was really good but again, Lilly was done after 30 minutes.  However, she could watch Dora for hours!  We are all feeling a lot better today and last night, my freind Anna and I saw They Might Be Giants perform downtown at Track 29.  It was nerdy fun and it made me very happy in a nostalgic kinda way.

Early this morning I heard Willow stirring in her crib and I went in to get her up when I realized she was dreaming!  It was exactly the way a dog does where they move and make noises.  I cannot even imagine what she was dreaming about but it was fascinating to watch (for a second and then I went back to bed!)

Lilly and I have shot a lot of videos lately.  To sing or talk and watch yourself is one of Lilly’s favorite activities.  I have picked one of the many for your viewing pleasure:

5 Months

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Willow is officially 5 months old!  She is really starting to gain her personality and so far, we see a smile that will cheer the grumpiest grump and a temper that can induce ear plug wearing and eye rolling.  Hair being one of her favorites, Willow has really honed in on her grabbing skills.  When I am carrying items up the stairs while holding her, she will reach out and touch or grab the object.  At night, we have run into a few issues with swaddling waking her up but needing the swaddle to fall asleep.  I am not quite sure what to do and just kinda do some of both and hope for the best.  She has started to sleep a little bit longer during her day naps but not frequently or consistently.  Sometimes babies are just hard to figure out and very tiring.

Last week brought gorgeous weather and the family went for walks, played outside a lot and just enjoyed the spring like conditions.

Lilly went to one of her classmates birthday party at a local gym.  I was curious to see if she was into using the equipment like trampolines and balance beams.  Well, she liked the cake and the trampoline a little bit but was happy to just sit and watch the other kids run around in sugar activated circles.

When we got back into the car after the party, Lilly without being asked, declared, “I want a pink birthday.”  So, we will see what that manifests itself into by March 8th because her and I have to share the party and pink is great and all but those ice cream cakes don’t come in pink……:)

Kei Kei was here to visit this past weekend.  Her visit allowed Wil and I to attend Good Shepherd’s benefit auction for the pilgrimage this summer.  I must say, it was fancy fun and so nice to get out stress free.  The auction raised a ton of money and a good time was had by most.

Our nice friend and fellow church goer Sarah gave us some more Thomas the train tracks and buildings.  Holy cow is it awesome and Papa….I mean, Lilly loved playing with them and putting the track together. 😉


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In our dining room, we have your classic Olan Mills shot of Lilly at about  1 year and Wil and myself.  I didn’t like it much when we got it and have never been proud to show it off but it was the only picture of our whole family worth blowing up to 8 x 10 and framing.  My new quest is to eventually have a photo shoot with a great photographer we know but I am holding out into Willow is able to at least sit up by herself.  Today, since it was rainy and foggy outside, I thought it’d be fun to have a photo shoot to see if I couldn’t produce something worth framing in the meantime.  It didn’t last long but it was fun and I got a few good shots.  Now I must choose!

This next one…well, it is hilarious.  Willow is just so stinkin’ serious.  Her eyes say it all……