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Wild about Flowers

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I have decided that being a stay at home mom is pretty much the best thing for me right now.  Chattanooga helps this joy with its beautiful weather, great scenery, and awesome activities.  Being hyper aware of how great it is here has been in the forefront of my thoughts.  I sit here typing as the birds happily chirp and the sun delicately streams into the windows…..wish my house was cleaner  to take on the sun but there’s plenty of time in the day.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, wildflowers are my favorites and just below our house, right on the side of the street there’s a field of them just begging for me to walk in even though we do come out itchy, it is worth a few scratches here and there.




After a nice walk around the neighborhood yesterday, we visited the Presbyterian Church playground.  As I was playing with Lilly, I left Willow in the baby swing. I noticed that she got very comfortable and ended up kicking back and enjoying the time too even though she can’t play just yet.



Signs Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

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I’ve been asking for a sign.  When decisions are thick or times are weird, I like to look to the sky and ask God for some sort of signal.  While sitting at Sunset Rock, I asked for just that thing and out of the forest trees came a large hawk, swooping around right in front of me…so close I could’ve grabbed onto its talons and taken flight which was really what I wanted to do but instead I took it as a sign and headed back home.  And then when coming home from a beautiful trip downtown to the art district to meet with a friend, I asked for a sign and out of the woods, crossing the road quickly and quietly was a blond fox.  Any other time or moment and I would have chalked these things up to luck and beauty but for me, nature has a way of talking and I try desperately to listen.

It’s been a good couple of weeks.  We have been able to visit with many friends and took a trip to the Children’s Discovery Museum which is such a grand place.


We plan to go back soon and try out some more of the activities since after lunch, eyes got sleepy and we had to power through the second half of the museum.

When things get sleepy or tough for Lilly:  maybe she’s in trouble, just tired, uncomfortable or just having a snuggle moment she calls out for…..”BLANKIE!”  When the going gets tough, the kid gets blankie.  I started thinking about what I turn to for my “Blankie.”  If what they say is true and the magic happens outside of our comfort zones then everyone needs a blankie.  Is my blankie God or a walk around the mountain or Wil?  I think I have many blankies and I choose the one that fits the situation.  As I try to think about Lilly one day giving up the blankie, I want to make sure her new blankie is a solid one she can rely on no matter where she is or what she is going through.



I know one of my blankies is to love on these sweet faces……

Turbulent Threes

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As I hit the middle of a not- so- motivated day, I wonder how people who don’t work keep themselves motivated to do more and keep learning.  I am just the kind of person that needs structure and a plan for each day or I end up sort of wasting it.  I did get a great walk in around the mountain as soon as the sun began to make an appearance but Willow has been on the grumpy side the past few days which makes achieving much of anything in the house besides playing with her impossible.  Not that I mind kissing and squishing on this cuteness:

I am officially watching for two things with Willow:  a tooth and crawling.  There’s no indication of teeth but she gets her little body off the ground and then attempts to get her knees under her every once in awhile.  It is only a matter of time before I put away the small toys and markers and start the daily chase.  Her newest thing is sleeping 10-11 hours at night.  It is bliss except she is wide awake at 6am when I am not.

Lilly had such a great time with Nana and Daddy George.  We were able to “pan” for “gems” the last day they were here.  She liked the whole concept and enjoyed playing with the water.  It didn’t last long enough but it was still fun.

Lilly has really been testing out my discipline skills lately.  I found myself resorting to empty threats so I took a moment to really think about it, really know before I am with her how I am going to handle things.  Since time outs work really well, that’s the route we are taking.  She ended up in time out during her bath, talk about cold and drippy!   I know that being strong and consistent will pay off big time and so I move forward….

Lilly had her very first official play date this week.  We’ve had little friends over before but never from school and never anyone I didn’t already know.  Mary Handly visited us and she was very good and sweet.  They played well together but still needed to be guided quite a bit.  We ended up doing some crafts and they played with the kitchen a lot.  There were just a few times where Lilly got a bit possessive over her territory but all in all it was a success!

All the small things

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Every once in awhile, I am acutely aware of all those small things in life:  the bees carrying pollen, the sound of an ice cream truck, an extra smile given to someone working at the grocery store….today is one of those days.  I bought Lilly a bug cage with a net and tweezers included.  We looked everywhere for a bug that wasn’t a bee but couldn’t find one which I thought strange because they always seem to be around when I don’t want to find them.  While looking at the clovers, buttercups, and long green grass, it almost started to hurt my eyes how bright and beautiful they were.  I live in a luscious, alive part of the country and I am so thankful.  Also alive and outloud are my two girls.  Sisters.  I don’t have a sister so I can only imagine what it must be like.  I have dreams about it, how they will share a bed and girl talk into the wee hours of the morning, much like Anne of Green Gables and her bosom buddy Diana.  How they will be somewhat competitive but in a way that will only strengthen who they are, not hurt their self esteem and outlook.  How they will be there for each other when they have their first crush or have to give a speech in front of their peers.  I’m not delusional though, I know there will be fighting and let’s face it, girls can be down right nasty but I have heard of that sisterly bond and I pray that my girls will know it.

Here they are for Willow’s first time in the big tub.  Lilly was beside herself with excitement at getting to help wash Willow and show her the toys.

Willow turned 7 months old this past week.

I tend to lean towards the opinion that Willow is a good and well tempered baby.  She’s pretty easy going and cute with her baby babbling and chubby cheeks.  Putting away almost an entire jar of food during dinner, she stores that stuff in her rolled upper legs.  No sign of teeth just yet but she is sitting up with a lot of balance only face planting every once in awhile.  She sleeps well at night if I’d just go to bed at a decent hour, it would keep me well rested.

Lilly is pure entertainment.  My mom and dad surprised me with an Easter visit and are still in town so we traveled down to the valley to hang out this afternoon.  Announcing that an ice cream truck would be coming by after dinner, Lilly asked Nana many questions (mostly the same one over and over) about said truck and the music it plays.  Towards the end of dinner, Lilly announced her need to use the potty and disappeared.  Off in the distance, I could hear it, the familiar yet eerie sound of the ice cream truck.  I mouthed to Nana “Ice Cream truck!”  with big bulgy eyes.  Two seconds passed when the bathroom door flew open, Lilly planted her little body in front of the screened door and held her hand up as if to silence the room. “I hear it.  I hear the ice cream truck.”  We will never know whether she actually completed the task at hand in the bathroom but she did get a penguin shaped ice cream stick.

Easter!!!!!!   Yes, Easter passed us by like a rabbit heading down a hole to Wonderland.  Both Wil’s folks and my folks were here for the week and for all the services which made Wil so happy.  He loved having his family out in the audience for every service because it is very difficult for me to go to all 25 with the kiddos (okay, slight exaggeration but only slight). I attended the Good Friday service which I have found important since going to my first only a few years ago.  I am very aware of the story but numb to it UNTIL we sing “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”  That song just tears me apart and I feel what I think I should if only for the duration.

We had amazing weather and Lilly dyed Easter eggs and went on an Easter egg hunt- two firsts!  After an evening with some of the young adults from church, Lilly decided to inform me that Fletcher is her best friend.  It made me smile because something so small, two 3 year olds who see each other every once in awhile, get what it is to be friends and have one that stands out above the rest.  Those small things that make my heart feel big……


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Each year that we have lived on Lookout Mountain, I have tried to take some photos when the pink flowers fall from the trees near our church.  It makes for a beautiful back drop for two sweet girls……


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