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OMG Moments Galore

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I find people watching Lilly and Willow.  When I catch someone staring and smiling, I just love that attention.  On Pentecost Sunday, balloons were given out and Lilly was just about perfect at church so that she could get one afterwords.  The girls waited after church for Wil and I to socialize.  I caught this happy scene as they waited.

Since Lilly is home from school now and Willow is crawling everywhere and eating everything, little gets done around the house except for games and play.  We’ve been trying to do as much as we can around town knowing it will be awhile before we are this way again.  The pool, the zoo, Rock City, Coolidge Park…….I just can’t get enough and Lilly definitely has her opinions about where she wants to go.





Yesterday marked a huge milestone in our lives.  We “bought” a house!  I put bought in quotes because we will be paying that sucker off until we are grey but to know now where we will be is worth its weight in gold.  Like taxes, buying  a house is complicated and paperwork-full.  To do all this while 9 hours away gave it another stressful spin but we did it and I am happy.  AND we have a guest room so we hope lots of folks come to visit us.  Here are the girls in their Pawleys Shirts given as a gift from some of our new friends.



My Roots Are Showing

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In one week, I have learned so very much about myself, house hunting, and family relationships.  My dad accompanied me to Pawley’s Island to do a two day house hunting cram session and the goal was to come back with a place for our family to live.  With the pressure of time upon us and my little to no knowledge on actually buying a house, we set out on the 9 hour trek south.  Looking at houses is very personal.  Stepping inside of someone’s life for just a moment to see how others live for a 30 minute chunk of time where you open doors and look at dirt that even their close friends aren’t aware of.  I saw pink tubs, fish wall paper, single dad messes, and houses even the Munsters would hesitate to enter.  Emotionally, this trip was one of the toughest that I can recollect.  I would cry before breakfast, laugh by lunch, and be completely delirious by dinner.  12 houses later, I was beyond done with the search.  I didn’t even care if I lived in that one house off the busy road with the copperhead in the front and the garter snake in the back.  Alas, I had three other people to think of, especially the littlest people, and I decided to go forth and put in an offer on the one property that got my heart to flutter.  And now, we wait……

I missed my kids.  I missed them to the point that when we drove up to our home in Tennessee and Lilly came running to me with her joyful, “Momma!” and a hug that wrapped around my entire body, I cried those relief tears and I held on as long as she’d let me.

What would we do without the grandparents?  We will need them again and I just hope they need us like we need them.

I came back to a crawling Willow and an even smarter Lilly.




I read in my new book the old saying, “Bloom Where You Are Planted” and it begged the question from me:  how do I bloom when I feel my roots are upside down and being shaken?  I mentioned this to someone that I admire and respect and she conveyed to me that even in the sand, plants are able to take root and flourish.  I thank her for those words because I am going to carry them with me on this new journey.

After discussing offers and signing my life away on multiple contracts in order to buy a home, I got angry at people I loved because of the stress I felt for something so uncomfortable.  I took a minute and watched Willow play and after seeing her little way of dancing to music, my fears melted for a moment and I knew that as long as we are together, all of us, anyplace will be a great place.



Trading Rocks for Sand

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You’d think I would be used to moving by now.  It all started when I went to college.  I moved into the dorms. I moved out of the dorms. I moved into a few apartments. I moved out of a few apartments. We moved to Colorado where a year later we moved to Black Mountain where three years later we moved to Sewanee and three years after that, we moved to Lookout Mountain.  With each move, I changed those fabulous license pictures.  With each move I learned a new phone number and address.  With each move I gained friends and I lost friends.  With each move I was able to explore new landscapes, learn about new cultures, grow closer to Wil and Lilly just grew.



This place.  This place I am now, this will be a tough move.  For the first time, it was a true decision whether to uproot our lives for new beginnings.  That isn’t easy to think about when what we have is just so, so good.  This place.  Lilly has become a little girl here.  Willow was born here.  Sylus died here.  Wil became a priest here.  And I, I just loved it here.



The things we will miss can’t even be listed.  I know that I will miss my girlfriends.   Sigh, they are not easy to make.  Not the really good ones anyways. I will miss my long walks around the mountain and the changing seasons.   I will miss Rock City (or as Lilly likes to call it:  Wok City).  I will miss getting by with one car and walking to work and school.  I’ll miss Good Shepherd and everyone that recognizes me as one of their own.   You can see where I’m going with this.

Oh, but moving to Pawley’s Island!  Really, I get to live at the beach?  I just never dreamed such a thing.  I am excited for Wil and being the Rector of Holy Cross Faith Memorial.  I am excited for my children to be in a small community with great schools and new friends (sounds familiar).  I am excited to see what the beach does for me at the end of a long day of normal, every day stuff.  Maybe I’ll even pull a Clarissa Darling and get that baby alligator I always wanted.  (Um, no)




It all comes down to moving and no, I will never get used to it.   Standing in an empty house where my small voice echos through the halls.  Emotions will be strong and wild and untamed and I can already feel it making me new again, making me different…..a good different.

The Circle of Maturity

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Ever feel like you just took a ride on a crazy train?  Welp, that is where I am at right now.  Dang, life is so good to me and my family.  I try to be thankful every single minute but it proves impossible.  Being overwhelmed by how gracious and thoughtful others are has become the norm for me.  Just trying to do the same I suppose…..



Finally, thanks to the amazing Bonnie McGee, my family has some photos that include everyone and where everyone is dressed, teeth brushed and looking happy.  Thank you Bonnie. 🙂

These smiling faces headed on over to Asheville this past week to finally visit family after many months of being just too busy to make the trip.  It was great to see cousins and Mamaw and Uncles and Aunts and grands.  Lilly and Willow love the attention they receive and I love catching up and getting some time to go out with good friends.  We also visited Wil’s home parish of St. Luke’s.  We love that little church and those who join us when we are there.

There was no lack of the older girls guiding the younger girls.  It was like some sort of  weird documentary on the circle of maturity. Times with my cousins have always been one of my strongest and fondest memories growing up.  I hope it will prove the same for my girls.





Willow turned 8 months old right before we headed to Asheville.   That number just sounds so big but when you get a good look at her, you see all the changes and you know it’s true.  She is mere moments away from crawling (yikes!) and her little gums throb with the anticipation of teeth.  With these things come frustrations but also personality.  Lilly continues to be Willow’s biggest fan and Willow’s biggest source of entertainment.