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A Father of a Post

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Some of us are lucky enough to have fathers in our lives.  We all have fathers but it seems that so often, they are absent from our stories.  Father’s Day is an awesome day because it reminds us all of our fathers and I am reminded of how great the dads are in my life.

This whole moving thing has been a foggy reality.  We were all kind of just waiting for the Greece trip to happen and now that it has, we are realizing that we move in less then a months time.  There are still many questions about our destination and many things we need to do here before we leave.  I start thinking about it all and I get a little light headed so I am just living minute to minute.

Wil’s trip to Greece went very well and so smooth.  If you’d like to read and see the adventure, click HERE

While Wil was overseas, Kei Kei took the girls to Perdido Key for a nice trip to visit Ms. Allyson.  I was completely spoiled with lots of food and lounging but Willow managed to break some wine glasses and wake up at 5am every day.  Her crawling made the relaxing part a little less relaxing.  Never-the-less, it was fun to get away and I love Gulf water.

Lilly loved spending time with Kei Kei and playing dress up games but looked forward to Wil’s return, asking about him periodically and also asking about our new home at the beach.  Upon our arrival, when Lilly saw Wil, it was like slow motion running for a hug and joy radiated.

Wil brought us back wonderful gifts and Lilly asked him to bring her back a lollipop….and he did!

As Willow’s teeth grow and she pulls up, as Lilly learns and sings her little songs, as Wil starts the goodbyes to all his connections and friends at church and as I wrap up our lives here and get our lives ready to go, we all look forward to new beginnings and love that we have added so many friends.


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