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Monthly Archives: August 2012

“I’m On A Boat!”

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Life seems so much grander when there’s lots to look forward to.  There are times in my life where things get very repetitive and a bit dull so I try to really enjoy the busy times when so much is happening and going to happen.

Aunt Amy has come to visit us all the way from Las Vegas.  It has been over a year since we’ve seen her and therefore it is the first time she has met Willow.  I have been fortunate enough to spend lots of good girl bonding time with her while riding bikes, playing in waves or paddle boarding.  We even went shopping together which was great to do without the kiddos.  With her came Kei Kei and soon Pepaw.  I was told that living at the beach would bring more visitors and it is definitely true so far…..keep it coming!




Lilly started her first day of Preschool today and she was so excited.  I dropped her off in the carpool line and she made her way like such a big girl into the school.  Willow and I headed to the doctor to check on a little rash Willow has developed and now I am home, looking at the dirty kitchen but enjoying some time for reflection.  Lilly’s new thing is making up elaborate stories.  After finding some chap stick in her school bag, she explained how she had rode her bike from Lookout Mountain to the chap stick store to get it.  None of which is true of course, but she gets this little glimmer in her eye while she strings us along.  Today we load up her room with the refinished furniture that Wil and I have been working on.  It’s about to be big girl time once again.





Lats weekend, Lilly rode on a boat into the salt water for the first time.  She loved it and actually jumped in!




Willow’s new thing is walking!  She has been babbling a lot and actually getting some noises out that sounds like words.  Last night, I held out my hands for her to come to me from a standing position and she took about 4 or 5 steps before finding me.  As I squealed with glee, she just laughed her toothy grin pleased with her new found walking legs and the reaction she received from using them.

Tomorrow night is Wil’s institution for Holy Cross Faith Memorial and the East SC Diocese.  Pretty big deal for sure and we have lots of good friends coming into town for the occasion.  On that note, I must go straighten up the house and as I look at this crazy mess, my thoughts drift towards my friends living at the Gulf.  Prayers are with you all!





Saying Thank You

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I’m taking a long, deep, prayerful breath.  With an afternoon of paddle boarding fresh on my mind, lemon pound cake satisfying my tummy, and images of my smiling children on an almost deserted Pawleys Island beach, I am feeling abundantly grateful.

With any new beginning for me, it can all seem like a dream.  I tend to hold my breath as part of my defense against loss and as part of my anticipation of joy.  Here I am, over one month as a beach body and I am finally reflecting, finally breathing again.

I’ve said it before, the welcome we have had has been awesome.  Gifts of all types:  from cakes and flowers to trips on salt water, from offers of babysitting to making sure I’ve seen and heard new faces on Sunday, no gift has been forgotten.

My understanding on how to sustain happiness in this place seems so clear to me right now.  That clarity isn’t always easy for me to spot or acknowledge.  It seems like an easy prescription:  a mix of friendship, salty air, exercise, good seafood, and family time.

Living as much here and now as I can with that reminder of the future ever present. Thank you to our new environment and the people who fill it.



Piece on Peace (and some pictures of my kids)

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When I started going to church, the time leading up to “the Peace” was a little unnerving.  We’d get to the Prayers of the People and I would get antsy anticipating what was coming up a few moments later.  If you don’t know, “the Peace” is when we greet each other by shaking hands or giving hugs and we say, “The peace of the Lord be always with you” or some variation to that.  When I was a stranger in a strange land, this part of the service was not one I looked forward to.  It’s a bit awkward especially if you are sitting by yourself because everyone gives the peace to their family or friends first.  Hand ready to shake, I would just stand there, waiting for someone to turn my way.  I’ve had a lot of times when I would go to shake a hand and they’d be already committed to someone for the shake which left this awkward moment between us.  There’s been times when I’ve gone for the hug and been given the hand.  This happens in reverse sometimes too.  Sometimes, people are motivated to hug and shake as many hands as possible like they’re trying to fill a monthly quota.  Other times, I’ve seen things go quiet very quickly with an avoidance of eye contact that could be put in world record books.  I have felt a little jipped on the number of hands I was able to shake before people started to sit.  As a person that has had to grow socially, at first, the idea of greeting and loving strangers didn’t come easy.

“The Peace” can be tricky indeed but one thing that is consistent is what I mean when I say “peace” to someone.  With all I have to muster on any given Sunday, I will lock eyes with my neighbor and try to throw at them as much mental love as possible.  With that simple touch, I would like to take away their pain and solve their problems.  No matter what I believe, it seems innate knowing that something as grand as the Lord would have the most awesome feeling of peace.  To always have this magnitude of peace would be almost impossible for us as humans.  If we strive each week to live a peaceful life, no hate or anger and love abounding in a content and happy soul, life will be better for not only us but for the people we are with.  Now, when it comes to the peace, and I get my share of sweaty palms and one shoulder pats on the back, I soak it all in and hope that it can carry me a little further each week until the next Sunday when I am reminded again.
Now time for some cute pictures from a week full of rainy days:




A visit from Kei Kei!




Lilly’s first swim lesson with Ms. Sue:



Willow’s first bubble bath:




11 Months Old

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Yesterday marked Willow’s 11 month birthday.  She is just beautiful and sweet.  Not quite yet walking but almost there, she is sleeping through the night and having definite opinions about life.  What gets her to crazy-ville mad is if you have to take something away from her like my glasses or the car keys or sharp objects…..  she goes wild with anger but only for a few seconds.  In the morning, she will call me by name, “Mama” and it gets me out of bed with a smile.


Now that baby food has been rejected by her, she is on soft table foods alone.  Of course she favors fruits but she loves pasta and tomatoes.  The challenge is finding enough variety of foods that her little gums can squish.  Whole milk is her drink and we are down to one bottle of formula a day!  Now to work on getting rid of the bottle.



Here she is taking all the clothes out of the dryer.  She also likes to throw things off her highchair tray or the grocery cart or just pretty much wherever.  Needless to say, she is into everything, opening every door and she loved it when she found the toilet paper stash, it was a feast of fun.



Willow loves the beach.  She gets to crawling towards the ocean and would go right in, all the way, if I didn’t catch her.  After two hours though, she slowly falls apart with exhaustion and a tummy full of sand.



Lilly and Willow continue with their love affair.  Willow gets all smiles when Lilly enters the room and watches Lilly like a hawk while they play together.  Lilly really wants Willow to role play with her but Willow is content dumping out toy bins and gnawing on dinosaurs.  One day, I hope they will be the best of playmates and act out the scenes to all the fairy tales in harmonious sisterhood.  That could happen, right?  The biggest giggles we get from Willow is when we are in the car and Lilly talks to her across the car seats.  Willow will just laugh and laugh at Lilly’s facial expressions and tones.

Willow is cutting both of her upper two teeth right now which makes for cranky meal times and cranky night times.  Nothing is better then when I go to comfort her at night and she puts her head on my shoulder.  True love.