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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Summer Reflection

This past week marked the end of summer.   I am trying to reflect on one of the most chaotic summers I have ever had.  The overall sense that I come up with when I lump everything that this family has done and been through this summer is one that has pulled together, relied on others generosity and hospitality, had many firsts and some lasts, adjusted beautifully to a foreign environment, and above all tried to maintain a thankful attitude.  Missing my family and friends has been on the forefront of many of my days.

That picture right there, that one ^, it is one of the most blissful times of the day.  It is right up there with seeing happy faces in the morning, seeing sleeping kids at night, it is when Wil gets home from work and the girls bombard him with giggles and hugs and he throws them on the bed or gives them hugs and asks about their day.  I knew that Wil being the Rector was going to be a game changer of sorts.  The stress is much deeper, the hours can be much longer, and the rewards are much greater.  Relying on Wil as not only husband and Papa these past months but also reclaiming him as my best friend has made us stronger.  If nothing else (because y’all know I can get mad at some pretty silly things sometimes) I have tried to listen when he wants to talk, talk when he wants to forget, and be an unwavering source of unconditional love.  The rest of it is a day to day battle with hormones, exhaustion and humanness.

So, for our last day of summer 2012, the Keith’s hit the marsh and landed on the inlet beach.  I can honestly say that I have never spent this time of the year in my bathing suit but the sun is just perfect right now and the wind cools while the water seems warmer then the air.  I love when the fish find there way out of the water, into the oxygen for just a second and the way the egrets hide behind the long grass but are so brilliant white that there’s no missing them.

Thank you summer for being exactly what I wanted and exactly what mother earth needed.


Pep Talk


After posting this lotus picture to Instagram, a friend said, “My favorite.  Beauty that rises from a tremendous layer of muck.”  It seems so often, I want things to be happening now and I don’t want to wait for them to happen.  I get all mucky under my skin and discontent with what I have in this moment.  The lesson here is so simple:  be happy with what you have.  U2 said it best with, “What you don’t have you don’t need it now.”  I am fortunate to be in the population of folks that this holds true for because there are others that have real needs.  This weeks mantra is for me to just calmly let go of all my desires whether they be material or physical.  I truly feel that if I can be at peace with what I have now, the other things I am wanting will fall into place when the timing is right.



All you moms out there know that being a mom is awesome.  Nothing beats when your little one looks at you and claims, “You’re the best mommy!”  Just having that mommy magic that my kids need is worth so much in my life.



With that said, I have to admit that my children have been driving me crazy lately.  Lilly has been really hard to deal with and my patience with her is thin….like, really thin.  She’s been testing us and doing things she knows we’ve asked her not to do in the past.  Now that she is 3.5, I can’t mentally convince myself that maybe she just didn’t know better because she does know better.  When I was out running errands, Wil was at home with the kiddos and texted me to let me know Lilly was in time out for an extended period of time.  Our rocking horse is down to its last tail yarn because she keeps pulling them out and after many calm talks about why she shouldn’t do that, she turned around and went and pulled another yarn out of the tail.  As I could hear her rants over the phone of wanting to be out of time out, I realized that she hadn’t really been in time out in weeks.  She had forgotten that we mean business when we say no and her actions lately have been geared towards that mind set.  A new week, a new chance to be super parent!  Let’s hope the days are full of love and laughter but also with an understanding of expectations.



Finding Comfort

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When I was in my childhood days and finally allowed to have nights away from home,  there were times I remember being homesick.  In my mind, nothing was going to be as wonderful as my own bed and no one was going to be able to comfort me like my mom.  The feeling that goes along with homesickness is very distinct and easily forgotten once we get into a comfortable place or once we joyfully return home.

I haven’t lived in Western North Carolina in many years.  I proudly declare Asheville as my hometown and I even stayed awhile as a newlywed school teacher in Black Mountain.  From there, we lived in Sewanee, TN and then on Lookout Mountain.  Never really going without the mountain mentality suited me just fine.  Typing the word “mountain” brings forward sweet memories of foggy mornings and evenings that required hoodies whilst still wearing shorts.  That time when the seasons change, the air seems to bring in its own brand of renewal.  I get all worked up just thinking about how it all feels.  I miss it…….right now more then ever.

So, here I am in another gorgeous place.  The low country has been nothing but good to us so far.  As I read the status updates of friends living in the mountains, I got jealous knowing exactly what they woke up to today.  I trudged to church where a little grey cloud followed me through the routine of it all.  When I came home, I knew the only hopes for a remedy was to get out there on the sand.  I knew that stretching on my red bathing suit and smearing my skin with SPF 30 might be the only way out of this mood.

Like clock work, Wil’s phone rang the minute he walked in the door from church with an invitation to go fishing.  Seeing my puppy dog eyes and my apparent need to escape, me and the girls were able to catch a ride to a secluded beach and watch as the fellas caught fish.

It was Willow’s first time on a boat ever.  She has been quite the handful lately and I was glad to be on the sand so she could crawl and be free.  Lilly found instant friendship with Ellis, our new little 6 year old buddy and was happy to follow him around as he did what boys do (you know, pretend dead fish can walk around and talk).  I sat in the sand, meandered along the shore, waded in the water and gazed at the clouds.  My homesickness is at bay for a little while anyways.

Twice As Nice

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September 5th is here and we just finished a string of company and birthday celebration that has left us all tired but glowing.  I think living at Pawleys and having the flow of guests and super sweet beach stuff to do with said guests is going to suit this family.  Hosting folks is something I look forward to and something that leaves me satisfied.
After Holy Cross Faith Memorials Institution ceremony, we were all left on a little happy cloud.  Soon after, an old Camp Henry friend came to town, Dan Dupree and his fiance Jess, to do marriage counseling on the paddle boards with Wil and to go to our favorite restaurant Quigley’s.  Sometimes when you are with a couple, you just know they were meant to be and it is very true about Dan and Jess.  They compliment each other so nicely and I am excited for their wedding in October.



After their departure, we went grocery shopping for Wil and Willow’s birthday party.  Wil picked out an ice cream cake but Lilly didn’t approve so there were some tears and some misunderstanding about why Papa got to pick.  The fact that it isn’t Lilly’s birthday didn’t seem to go over very well.  To have her feel like part of the festivities, I let her pick out some pajamas to give to Willow.  Lilly wrapped them when we got home and hid them in the pantry.  On Tuesday morning, she gave the package to Willow and really enjoyed watching Willow open the gift from her.  Then it was party prep time for the Willow Grace Kubb International Competition!  If you don’t already know, Wil and Willow share a birthday which Wil claimed yesterday to be “pretty awesome.



In the midst of party set up, the door bell rang for the next round of guests which were the Kent’s!  Having them here was a breath of familiar air and so comfortable and nice.  We talked freely of Lookout Mountain and new adventures.  I told them that they need to just move on down to Crooked Oak Drive and be our neighbors.  Alas, I know that’s just a dream.  Lilly and Fletcher played until we had to tear them apart.




The after party, after cleanup involved a relaxed time of chip eating and chatting with Dusty and Anna on the porch.  This type of thing revives me like no other and fills me up to go about my daily routines until I get to do it again.  The game of Kubb was a backyard success even though bug repellent is a must.  We had invited a few friends that have already become very special to join us in cake eating.


Willow was a mama’s girl for most of the night which I didn’t mind because I found myself yesterday just wanting to be with my growing baby girl.  While the Kubb tournament was in its final few throws, I took Willow into her room and spent some time rocking her and being with her as her little sleepy eyes struggled to stay open.  Happy Birthday to my sweet girl and my amazing husband.  Kisses all around!