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Love Awkward Holidays

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Holidays always make me aware of time passing.  When a Grandparent has started to forget, when wedding announcements are made or babies are passed around the family circle, when loved ones struggle through seeing sick friends, when children that once only slept are now running and laughing…..time passes always but the holidays give me time to really look it over, slow down or break the routine and take it all in.

My mom and dad arrived in order to spend Thanksgiving week with us.  Lilly would have Nana and Daddy George sleepovers at the State Park campground while Wil and I enjoyed free babysitting.  Willow took a liking to my dad and my dad thinks it’s because they have the same hair style. 🙂  The gang traveled to Turbeville, SC where my grandfather lives and we were treated to an amazing spread of food by Sylvia Jean.  Visiting with family that I rarely see is always a strange yet satisfying experience.  It’s like a box has been checked in my head and I can go on living knowing that I have gotten hugs from them to last me through to the next awkward visit.







One day, we headed to Brookgreen Gardens and visited the statues, plants and animals that we have grown to love.  Thank you (you know who you are, wink wink) for that amazing gift.  I always get so much from going to that magical land.







At the end of the holiday week, we said goodbye to Nana and Daddy George as they headed back to WNC to be at the lake for a bit.  Traditionally, I like to put the tree and decorations up Thanksgiving weekend.  Lucky for me, not only did our tree and wreath come into town on Sunday but the church hosted an Advent Wreath making event.  It kicked off the festivities for me as we ate red centered oreos and watched the little boys run circles around the church.  A lot of time and energy is put into the simplest of events and I try to be thankful especially when I do so little to make them happen.  I spent much of the evening being on Willow watch because she is determined to climb stairs even though she doesn’t know how to get down them.



Looking ahead, our calendar is filling up with things to do and my eyes get all glossy as I think of the parties and fun that is to be had during Advent and Christmas.  Watching Willow and Lilly enjoy holiday books and songs that I know they have heard before but have been forgotten the past year makes me smile.  Lilly is already very quizzical about Santa and how all that works.  We are making it up as we go along hoping the stories don’t clash and the magic remains as long as possible.






When All Else Fails, Look at Children

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With Wil gone all last week to retreats and concerts,  the girls and I had lots of time to play and visit with friends.




If Lilly had a song besides Gotye’s hit (which is still her go to song of choice) it would be “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” because this kid is the walking definition of silly.  When some silly phrase comes out of my mouth like, “Ouchie Wa Wa” she wants me to say it over and over.  I’ll hear her little voice call out, “Look at me mommy!” and she’ll do some sort of funny face or weird body pose and then just laugh.



Lilly sings pretty much all the time.  Favorite songs include, “The Farmer and the Dell”  and “Twinkle Twinkle.”  She also sings songs from school that I like because I usually don’t know them and enjoy hearing her interpretation of the words.




All girl this one with the declaration of pink as her favorite color and the need to put on lip gloss.  She will also tell me at least weekly about all the silly boys in her class.  I just let her know that that’s how boys are, silly, then I roll me eyes.
Lilly also likes to test the limits with getting me to ask her to do things multiple times, fighting back when I have to put her in time out or take something away and defiantly not coming when asked if she’s chasing Willow or following an older friend.  Her sweetness persists though with a sometimes uttered, “I’m sorry I did that mommy.” or “Are you still happy?”  which melts my frustration and reminds me to just talk it out.




Oh how Lilly loves Willow!  She will touch her head softly or give her a hug when I’m barely looking.  Lilly has a lot of heart and she is not afraid to show it.




We, as a family, call Willow “Godzilla Baby” because she sure can mess up a room or a project in no time flat.  Her walking skills have become running skills which sometimes lead to nasty bruises.  Still not able to get a hold on going down or up stairs but I admit that I haven’t really spent the time needed guiding her through the steps.



Tug of wars have been taking place for objects that one girl has and the other wants.  Willow stays strong as she greedily pulls on the toy and a throaty objection comes from her mouth.  I can usually distract Willow with something else that seems more fun then the fight but there are times when I just have to take the toy and make everyone mad.



Still n0t saying many words, I work with her on the basics and hope that the noises I’ve come to recognize will soon turn into the words others can recognize.  Willow is our cuddle kid and she loves to just sit next to us in the morning for a little bit while Lilly is already planning supermarket games and running circles around her stuffed animals.

Wil and I, every once in awhile, will stand next to each other and watch them in their own world.  One of us always gives a thankful voice to all our feelings of love and gratitude for two amazing and healthy little girls.




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Life has recently given me lots of opportunity to think I’m right.  There’s the upcoming election and then there’s some serious stuff going on in our Diocese right now.  I have always been a middle of the road type of person, able to see both sides to most any story.  My opinions are there but I don’t impose them on anyone else and I am happy to hear other points of view.  So what happens when I am really really really sure about something?  What makes me so right and someone else so wrong?

The first thing I do is try to figure out why I feel I am right.  It goes back to my life experiences, what has happened to me in the past, who I have met along the way and ultimately what I believe and how I live.  Well, that other side, that side I just can’t seem to wrap my head around, those individuals are feeling the same way I am.  They are so sure of themselves and what they believe because of who they have been up to the present moment.

Some of my favorite testimonials from people who strongly believe in a cause or issue are from the people who for so long believed and trusted the opposite view point and then WHAM! that turning point stared them right in the face and they not only looked back at it but they chose not to ignore it.  That kind of living makes for some really good faith and some very trustworthy opinions.

For me, what it comes down to is that I will do my best to never believe in something that hurts or defaces someone else.  I want to believe in the things that make joy.  I know the only judgement should come from God.

I’m still figuring it all out.  The song “Some Nights” by Fun has been my anthem lately and I keep reminding myself to pray and take deep breaths because answers will find me if I keep looking.

Well, one thing I know I am right about is the fact that Pawleys is gorgeous and so are my kids!