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A sweet moment

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Mountains to Sea

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Lake James

Feeling a bit off kilter in the middle of the week, we readjust to our daily routine.  The girls in the family took a trip to Western North Carolina to finally have Christmas with our families.  The drive there wasn’t too bad and we had our fingers crossed that we’d be graced with snow.  The white stuff almost made it to the ground but instead it just kinda rained.  There’s something cozy and familiar about that in my life of living in the mountains.  We stayed inside and enjoyed Pepaw’s chai tea and watching Lilly make crafts with Kei Kei. After quick visits with Mamaw, Uncle Rick and Aunt Margaret, we headed to the lake to visit with my folks before they go off on another long traveling adventure.  Cousins Rachel and Kylie came to spend one night and we even met Aunt Patty one day for lunch in Hickory.  Lilly and Willow relished being with so much family and took every ounce of attention they could get.  I could have probably stayed another week and still not felt like I had enough time to do all the things I wanted to do.  When it was time to head back, I gathered up the multiplying piles of clothes, gifts, and snacks- stuffed it in the car and took a good look at all we have.  Many thanks to everyone for a great trip and full tummies!



As we hit the ground running upon our arrival,  I have been trying to pick up the momentum that we had going when we left.  Wil celebrated the anniversary of his ordination and was gone for most of the week at a Stephen Ministry seminar.  This weekend, we accompany him to a Diocese convention in Charleston.  The church continues a whacky path and I’m still searching through all the misguided info, trying to understand what it all boils down to.   My struggle is walking a thin line somewhere between sounding completely clueless and being angry at what I think is taking place.  Clarity has been touch and go but I am so happy to be at Holy Cross Faith Memorial with some of the most open and loving people I have ever met (and I’m not just saying that!)


Fire Light and Bright Sunshine

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fire pit

I may be very wrong with this statement but I am declaring that raking up pine needles is five times worse then raking up fall leaves.  After picking up a few wagon fulls of sticks, Wil raked the pine needles out of the yard and we finally got around to having a fire in our fire pit.  In the summer, it was just too hot and buggy to even think about having a fire or staying outside to look at it but the weather has been perfect for the event.  Lilly loved being out there with Wil long after Willow and I had headed inside for her bedtime.  The fire held Lilly’s gaze like only a fire can.



Back to her old self, Willow is a whole lot of entertainment for us all.  One day, I watched her carry the play utensils into Lilly’s room babbling all the while and as soon as she had gotten it where she wanted, she brought it all back out to the little kitchen.  She was busy for half an hour just as happy as she could be organizing plastic cutlery.  Also on her agenda is doing stuff she knows she isn’t supposed to do.  I gave her some chalk to use on our chalk board and before I knew it, she was coloring the furniture.  When I said her name in the midst of some serious coloring, she jumped slightly and had a surprised look on her face.  Then her little grin spoke volumes as she sheepishly put the chalk in her mouth.  She had been caught and I think she rather liked the thrill of it all.

Lilly has been testing our limits lately with blatant “No” responses and arguing with us when we ask her to complete at task or get ready for something.  She responds well to good ol’ “I’m gonna count to three…” and time outs so it has all been pretty manageable.  Today, I had to get a repeat on a statement she said as she ran through the house.  She lifted her shirt and said, “My nipples are popping!”  We asked her if that was a normal thing for her and she happily said yes.  Now that her pants are starting to become high waters again, that big girl inside of her makes mature appearances now and then but she will still need all the mommy time I can spare and blanky too.  After I played the recorder for her and Willow as they spun around in circles, Lilly sweetly hugged my leg and said, “I had so much fun playing dance with you mommy.  I love you.”  I melt…..


Wil has been working so very hard and makes us all proud each and every day.  He and I attended a church small group meet and greet and I got to tell everyone how he and I met.  When we move to a new place, eventually I get to relive our story.  Lately, I have been very aware of my past.  I think this about many places I’ve been but we are so happy here and I feel like life is only improving for us.  No place comes with zero challenges but Pawleys makes us all very happy.





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Today has been one of those days.  Lilly went back to Preschool this morning and I was soooooo ready to have the morning that I have grown accustomed to for the past few months.  Well, Willow had a different plan and my fears have become reality:  Willow has given up the morning nap.  Taking a decent after lunch snoozer has replaced the nice two hour block of time I was getting when Lilly was at school.  With Willow needing my attention, I missed Lilly and found myself holding Willow a lot because I could.  It wasn’t an awful morning at all but I just have to switch gears a bit and figure out a new way to get some crucial things done.



When Lilly got home, things were fine as we painted nails, made forts and spruced the dickens out of some carnival coloring pages.  4:00 pm rolled around and I was ready for a little time to start dinner and check email.  Well, you would have thought I was asking for the moon with the tantrum Lilly produced and because Lilly was so upset, Willow followed suit and they both started clinging to me like starfish on Ursula.  At this point, my patience was still intact and I was able to follow our discipline routine, talk it out and redirect everyone into something that would keep them busy for a little while.  Right before dinner, things began to fall apart again when Lilly asked for gummies.  I said no since we were minutes away from dinner and she just kept on.  So, she lost dessert and my patience started to dwindle.  After bath, things got worse when she refused to clean up in order to get a book.  The girl got no dessert and no book from me today because of her little, cute, 3T sassy pants.  As Wil went into her cry filled room to calm the situation down and give me a break from keeping my cool (which had pretty much left the building sometime between bath and forced teeth brushing), the kids from Sandy Hill Elementary floated, angel like, into my head and this massive wave of sorrow and guilt flooded my mom zombie attitude.  I am having to find a way to be strong, and carry on with our rules in hopes we create well rounded children when sometimes all I want to do is give them what they want and never stop carrying them around the house.  The thought of never seeing my children again is beyond comprehension and leaves a lump in my throat.



Lilly is now in bed, her little head resting on her polka dot pillow and Willow is in a little baby ball on one side of her crib.  Tomorrow, I get to wake up and kiss them good morning and start all over again.  I wish everyone could have a chance like that……….


Joy,Sunshine and the Absence of Chocolate

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2013.  This New Year’s, I thought back to 2000 when I was in downtown Asheville with some High School friends that still made Asheville their go to Christmas location.  We remember being a little fearful of the time changing over to the new year.  All the hype had made us believe that the sky might explode or the banks might shut down.  Those things obviously didn’t happen and here it is, 13 years later.

2012 had a lot of firsts for us.  We moved to Pawleys Island, saying goodbye once again to our comfortable routine and just established friends.  Wil became head rector and we all learned the beauty and differences that salt water living brings.  2012 was good but challenging.  I am looking to 2013 to reestablish friendships and get goals aligned.  Who knows, we might adopt a dog this year, maybe new floors for our house, and hopefully a vacation.



The weather has been pretty nice for the most part.  We’ve had a few dreary days but they weren’t very cold and we were able to bundle up just a little bit in order to get out and enjoy nature at some of the local parks.  The weather has mimicked our indoor lives.  Wil and I seemed to have been in a “who can be the biggest grump” competition for a few days following Christmas.  I always have a little melancholy moment when it’s all said and done and I’ve sworn off eating so much chocolate, at least for a little while.  Willow has fully recovered and it is so nice to have the old Willow back.  She is still feisty and somewhat cranky but mostly giggly and inquisitive.








With Christmas slowly coming to an end and the new year just at its beginning, there’s so much hope yet there’s a lot of wishing that time would slow down.  Our Christmas tree is just now smelling up the whole house and even though we usually forget to plug in the outside lights, I know that the wise men haven’t quite made it to Bethlehem so there’s still Christmas joy to be had.