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Holding Hands

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School is in!  An unexpected wave of emotion hit me when I dropped both Lilly and Willow off at their classrooms for their first official day of preschool this year.  Everything was just fine until Willow cried and reached for me as I left the room.  I reassured her with, “I’ll be back very soon.”  I think that was a statement that helped us both and I hurried out of the school, trying not to look anyone in the eye because let’s face it, I’m an ugly crier and I’m also the type that once I get going, other people’s reactions only makes it worse.

While they were at St. Peter’s, I spent time running and on the phone and then on the computer.  The time flew by and I came back to Willow’s class to see her happy little face playing with the teacher.  When she saw me she grinned so big and exclaimed, “Back!  Mommy, back!”  She had done great and of course Lilly is an old pro at preschool so she was glad to be back with her friends learning new things.  Lilly was excited for Willow to come with her to school and she said to Willow, “I’ll hold your hand.”



The second day of school went really well and I decided to go on a big ol’ bike ride to the beach and then on the beach.  Once again the time went by very quickly and I found myself missing them but I think I’m going to enjoy having these moments for myself.

Lilly and Willow are playing better and worse together.  They are starting to understand each other and be able to make believe together but with that comes some sisterly tug of war or wanting opposite roles.  Leading the way is Lilly with a very stubborn and reluctant Willow by her side.  We made cookies for a picnic the other day and it was the first time I let Willow help in the pouring and mixing.  It was a mess but I had two happy and dough filled children.  They divided the tasks with no issue and Willow got most everything into the bowl.

IMG_6899  IMG_6894   IMG_6900

Being independent is a funny thing.  Lilly wants to be able to do things all by herself but then she also wants me to help her with everything.  It can be confusing at times and aggravating for both of us.  I’m trying to get her on a schedule in the morning so she knows what is expected of her before the school.  It’s been a rocky start but the promise of a reward might be just the motivation she needs.


Willow is communicating so much these days!  I can understand her wants and needs but every once in awhile I still can’t get what she is asking.  Here she is taking it out on a peach.  It ended up making us laugh but her anger was pretty intense right at first.


As we feel the first signs of Fall in the air, we are holding on to every last drop of summer.  I’m reminded of blessings every day and as I am told over and over again, “The days are long but the years are short.”







Catching A Wave

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Everyone with school aged kiddos has been busy the past few days getting things ready and mentally prepped for the first day of school.  Pre-baby days, I never really gave it much thought, what it was like to send your kids to school.  I had no memory of moms pressing their faces against the schools windows with tears in their eyes.  I found out later (like last week) that my mom hovered on my brothers first day of school and was eventually asked to leave.  My mom, while laughing, told me when it was my turn, she didn’t even slow down the car while pushing me out of it in front of the school.  Knowing my mom, I bet that story isn’t exactly accurate.  😉

Here I am on the first day of school.  Not sure which grade but I’m thinking preschool.


me in preschool

Next week, both Lilly and Willow will be going to preschool.  I can’t even begin to think about Kindergarten!

Last week, we just happened upon a relocation and release of loggerhead turtle babies with the S.C.U.T.E. program here in Pawleys.  The volunteers dig up the eggs and make sure all the babies made it out and into the ocean and then they take all the eggs that are still waiting to hatch and place them in a new “nest” under the sand.  One little loggerhead was ready for the big waters and a group of sandy people stood around and silently watched the little creature flipper itself to the surf.

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I can’t help but make the connection between this little turtle’s path to the sea and our children disappearing into the school’s front doors.  When the turtle got closer to the waves, one would come up and miss it and the crowd made a unifying noise of anticipation.  Then, one wave came in strong and we all knew it was the one that would carry the turtle out to sea.  I held my breath and watched as what was once there, struggling to make it to the water, was now on a ride into the deep waters.  Again, the crowd made a unifying noise but this time one of satisfaction.

I’ll be holding my breath next Wednesday when Lilly and Willow are walking into the door of St. Peter’s School.  The waves are unpredictable and sometimes rough but as smart as they are, they’ll know when to avoid the sharks and make friends with the colorful fish…and they’ll have each other.




3rd Wind

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We received our preschool class supply list in the mail yesterday.  It marked the end to a summer that has been filled with guests, sunshine and suntan lotion, boat rides, and mosquitoes.  I’m already seeing my NC friends posting about how they can feel fall in the air, just a little, and I do miss that.  It will be hot here for awhile longer (I am assuming) but this is when the crowds thin out and we become the locals.

Since moving to Pawleys, we have been able to see so many more of our long time friends.  The beach brings ’em down and we are always happy to meet them where they are or have them stay.  Recently, my maid of honor Cyndi came with her family and we spent a few hours together.


We actually sat on a rainy beach and watched the muscles dig their little holes in the sand but as always, a visit from Cyndi is fun and comfortable.  Just this week, Kathryn and Tyler along with their family have been in Surfside so we’ve been able to be at the beach with them and Wil took Tyler out fishing.  I’ve been enjoying the golden friends but my silver friends invited me to a girls only getaway.  We went to Lake Santee and enjoyed a lot of good food, drinks, laughter, paddle boarding, kayaking and lounging around.  It filled me up with new energy and confidence.


HCFM had Vacation Bible School August 5th through 9th and it was more fun then I had expected.  I headed up crafts with lots of great help and things seemed to go very well.  I saw many happy day campers and the mornings in crafts flew by as everyone was working so hard to complete the art du jour.  Kei Kei came into town to look after Willow so I could be free in the mornings.  She brought Willow over for the last day where they were able to ride ponies and go down a water-slide.  The pony was a bigger hit then the slide for both Willow and Lilly.  Wil put all his years at Camp Henry into good use and sang his heart out with the kids.  He sure does make us proud.

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One beautiful Saturday morning, we went on a boat ride to South Litchfield.  We sat up the umbrella on a people free beach and Wil fished as the girls and I played in the water.  Wil caught a few sharks and we saw lots of hermit crabs.  Exploring when the tide is low is exactly how I like to spend my beach time.

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As much as I look forward to getting back into a routine and having some time for myself, I will miss having both girls home all day with the schedule wide open.  There was a point in the middle of summer where I was tapped out with ideas and needing to be refreshed.  Now that the end is near, we are getting as much summer fun in while we can.  All the things we have overdone this summer seem precious in these last weeks.