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Putt-Putt, Cotton Candy, and Nose Picking

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The current rain has given me the much needed chance to really slow down today and drink this cup of coffee like it’s the elixir of life.  We’ve been out enjoying the sunshine and cooled off temperatures (80 degrees is cooler, right?) in a few different ways.  We’ve been talking about going to play putt-putt ever since we cruised the Myrtle Beach strip in our first few months of living here.  On Friday, we made good on our thoughts and we took Lilly and Willow to Gilligan’s Putt -Putt which is a no frills place to learn that kids do not actually play putt-putt.  Lilly found it to be a glorified playground as she kind of hit the ball here in there with an awkward positioning of hands and feet.  She couldn’t wait to get to the next hole in case there was a water hazard or a tunnel to explore.  Willow gave up her club on the 3rd hole and took to running up and down the bright green hills.  It was also Bike Week where we were so half the time we stopped to listen and watch the massive motorcycles pass by the busy highway.  Wil and I actually laughed when at the end of “playing” both courses in a record hour and a half we took the score card and tiny pencil from his pocket.  What were we thinking?  No scores were kept but smiles were counted.

Almost two weeks ago, historic Front Street in Georgetown lost about 8 stores and lots of history to a fire.  Last week, a group of special folks from Holy Cross made the journey to check out the scene and take the firefighters trays full of food from Quigleys.  Lilly, Willow and I arrived a bit early so we walked the road and the harbor walk taking in the smells and sights of the fresh ruins.  As we exited our car, the girls were talkative and silly and needy- the usual- but as we turned the corner to Front street, Lilly became very quiet and Willow needed to be held.  Even so young, they both knew that something important was going on that needed whispers and reverence.  Lilly had lots of questions and Willow stayed in my arms.

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This past Saturday was Oktoberfest at Quigleys.  We somehow missed it our first year here so we were ready to go and see what it was all about.  Bouncy houses, cotton candy the size of our heads, great music, beer, schnitzel, and face painting were greeted with excitement.  We even had dinner there with good friends.  It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.  Lilly has never had the courage to go in a bouncy house before but she finally did just to discover after one turn that the festival was over and the house came down.

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We are ready for an upcoming trip to Western NC to look at leaves and hug on friends and family.  The planning for Halloween costumes has already begun and I am reminded why  fall is one of my favorite times of the year.




Lilly brought home this picture from school yesterday.  As I looked at it, she smiled big and said, “Mommy, it’s a picture of you.  You have a bow in your hair.”  I told her I loved it and I totally cried with all the love that came from that little piece of construction paper.  Give and they will give back.


Last night, I had a POA meeting at my house so that I could avoid getting a babysitter since I still wanted be at the meeting.  I tried distraction methods of cheeze-its and movies but sure enough, 30 minutes in, I heard the little foot steps of a running Willow.   This kid loves attention so when she realized that picking her nose got her some, she decided to do that for a long time and with a toothy smile.  Then she would disappear only to come back without a diaper and both legs in one of her pajama pant legs.  Luckily, about the time she discovered that plastic water bottles make a crinkly, super distracting noise, Wil came home to put them to bed.  Team work at its best. It’s going to take a team with this girl.



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