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Team Mom

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Today started out with sunny skies and mild weather.  Both girls slept until the sun was heavy in the sky.  Since Wil’s been working and traveling for four days in a row, I was looking forward to some time for myself, time for quiet and getting to- do lists things accomplished.  The day had other plans. 

It was one of those days where battles were fought and time outs were had.  I felt barely present as we drove from place to place mailing things and going to classes.  Messes were cleaned up at a snails pace and the minute one was clean, two more surfaced.  I made dinner halfheartedly which led to no one really eating much but still a lot to clean. More battles were fought at bath time and as I tried putting Willow’s diaper on her as she wriggled and tried to get free, I just gave up.  I took her down from the changing table and her little naked body disappeared around the door as she ran from me in glee. Instead of the chase or calling out demands, I just sat down.  I sat down and I waited. 


5 minutes went by and Wil showed up from work.  He walked in to where I was sitting and seeing the blank expression on my face, he lassoed naked Willow, got her ready for bed then Lilly showed up with jammies on and teeth brushed wanting to snuggle with me.  Willow calmed down and brought me a book to read and I heard Wil sweeping the dinner off the floor as I am sure he questioned what was for dinner anyways.  We sat, and rocked, and read and I watched as Wil scooped up Willow -her little bare feet dangled from his arms with happy movements and she quietly and easily went to bed.  Then, Lilly hoped into bed, and gave me hugs and is slowly finding her way to sleep quietly  and easily.

It took me completely giving up on my need to keep in motion.  It took me totally throwing in the towel and having no energy to come up with a clever way to solve the same problems.  It took my body saying, “You’re done.  Sit down and it will be.”  And it was.  I ended up with a happy last 30 minutes of the day that was so wanting to defeat me.  The day to day can be exhausting and sometimes overwhelming.  Tomorrow holds for me new energy to spend, new ways to count the time, and more smiles mixed in with all those other emotions.  If we were in a huddle, it would be time to yell some team slogan as we threw our arms in the air and patted each others butts.



The Halloween 2013 Edition

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A little over a week ago, we celebrated Halloween.  That is somewhat accurate but not entirely.  The truth is, Halloween kind of starts at the beginning of October when the discussion of what costumes will be put together what props are crucial begins.  By the time Halloween actually gets here, we’ve worn our costumes multiple times, already had way too much candy, and practiced saying “trick or treat” until it is fine tuned.

When Lilly announced that she was going as a princess, this surprised no one.  It’s what her version of princess needed in order to be awesome that came as a surprise.  First, the princess was to carry a wand, a unicorn, a bucket for collecting candy and wear a “veil” on her head.  Once I explained that I was not going to carry all that for her, we got it down to a light up wand, the candy bucket, and the veil.  Once she realized the veil was itchy and unnecessary, we just had a wand and a bucket.

Willow was steered toward being a bee for Halloween because Lilly made such a cute bee that we needed to see it just one more time.  Loving the costume a little too much, we had to talk her out of wearing it to bed a few nights in a row. She was more then excited to wear it for the door to door tradition.  We had practiced and told her when and how to say “trick or treat.”   Instead, she would get out of the stroller and immediately say it so happily and clearly waaaayyyyy down the driveway where only we could hear her.  Of course it was adorable and she had no problem actually getting candy once she got going.

Pumpkins were painted, carved and lit.  We joined good friends as we went door to door to some of the nicest houses in Pawleys.  Much chocolate was consumed since we had told Lilly that she could pick out a piece of candy to eat on the ride back home, she picked out the biggest candy bar that had ever been given on Halloween.  Willow had already eaten a few bags of M&M’s while being pushed in the stroller (why waste valuable chocolate eating time?)

We have already discussed what to be next year:  Lilly says witch.  Willow says bee (again.) I say I wear a Team Edward shirt and Wil dresses like a vampire with glitter makeup.  I say it will be funny  by then.  Wil is for some reason not on board….yet.


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