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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Lights All A Glow

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Like it has done for the past few years, Advent is passing by quickly and our days are filled with at least one holiday themed activity if not a constant flow of them.  As a kid, I remember this time before Christmas crawling by at a snails pace and I wished my days away, longing for Christmas morning.

After getting the tree up, the weather decided to go all warm and beachy on us and we delighted in the time spent outside and in t-shirts.  We hit up Brookgreens Night of a Thousand Candles and it proved to be magic once again.

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Helping out in our neighborhood allows us to visit Mr. Joel’s house for sign decorating.  Joel’s yard is amazing with bee hives and orange trees and a fire pit with swing chairs.  We “helped” but really we played.

On a day that started in the 70’s and ended in the lower 50’s, we visited Santa at the Inlet Square Mall.  First year ever we crossed the velvet ropes and actually talked to him.  Willow wasn’t having it but Lilly filled his ear with her want list.



Now we are prepping for the end of the year,pageants, programs, and parties.

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On a side note, Lilly was so good at her dentist appointment today.  She made me proud as she did exactly what they needed her to do and got a a big thumbs up on how great she is doing on her brushing.  Mommy, however, has to go back for a filling…..



Never Promised A Rose Garden

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There’s been a lot to talk about in life lately.  I’ve had so many people I love to lend me their ears the past few weeks.  What we are truly thankful for becomes clear during some of the most challenging of times.

I managed to go to my grandfather’s in Turbeville for Thanksgiving feasting.  It was nice to be in the same air as my far away family.


Little Willow was very sick during Thanksgiving weekend.  Her and I spent three nights in the hospital where she slowly recovered.  Meanwhile we had to kick the paci habit out of necessity.  Willow is back to many of her old ways but it will take a little more time to be 100%.  The nurses at Waccamaw were some of the best I have spent my days with.  On Sunday, Willow and I had a knock on the door and in walked The Rev. Sandy Moyle, the new Priest at HCFM.  All of a sudden it occurred to me that we were on the receiving end of something really special.  Communion and prayers filled us up and we were finally ready to go back home.



My mom and dad were in town for the holiday and took on the duty of caring for Lilly and her cousins, Rachel and Kylie.  The time I did get to spend with them was so nice and I was happy they were here for all the support.  I decided to take the three older girls out for an afternoon of warmer weather and change of scenery.  They were a lot of fun and I relished in the not- so- often time I got to spend with the three of them together.

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After the dust settled this past weekend, Wil and I collapsed into the couch together and let the peace wash over us.  Happy to have him as mine.