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Pawleys Ice-Land

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Pawleys got a mix of snow and ice with a topping of ice last night and this morning.  Lilly doesn’t remember the snow she saw when we lived on Lookout Mountain so she was checking the windows every half hour last night, hoping to see a snowflake fall from the sky.  This morning, she woke me up with the words, “It didn’t snow much, but just a little bit.”  Then after a few cartoons were watched, Wil took the girls on a walk around the neighborhood to see what kind of ice adventure they could find.  On the golf course, teenagers sledded down the icy hills.  From the roofs, icicles hung and Willow brought me one back from the journey.   Wil took a ride over to the church and snapped a few shots of it because it might be another five years before this town sees another snowflake.  It was a good day since we had the warmth of our house and all the time we could stand to bond.  We are thankful we had gotten out of the house when it was still kind of warm here and played with our friends.  Looks like more of the same tomorrow as we prep for some special company.

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Have and Have-Not

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Today, Lilly had her very first play-date where the mom didn’t come with the child. We were all excited and for the most part, the visit was fun and normal.  About half way through the visit, a problem started to bubble up to the surface.  Lilly wanted to play magnet dolls and her friend had other ideas.  Trying to look like I was occupied and not listening to every word being said so I could see how it all played out, Lilly approached me with a whiny voice and stuck out bottom lip.  My advice was to either take turns with what they played OR Lilly should cater to her guest and do what she wanted to do (within reason.)  The advice went right over her head and we continued to struggle through the same problem for a while longer, eventually forgetting all about it when we started crafting.

After her friend left, Lilly began to complain again, “I didn’t get to do any of the things I wanted to do.”  More sad eyes, folding of arms, whiny voice, and sticky outy lip.  With a disappointed but matter of fact tone I said, “Why not be happy with what you DID get to do instead of focusing on what you DIDN’T get to do.”  This simple thought seemed to click for the moment and all outlooks improved.



In a world that will bombard my children with images of the best of people:  vacations, filtered photos, parties they weren’t invited to, tales of perfect partners, and even fancy meals, I want my children to be fulfilled with what they have.  Of course, with my words to them, I find wisdom for myself because I still struggle with much of the same.  Every once in awhile when I go through emotions I feel are not for the real world but for the cyber world, I’ll want to put distance between myself and Facebook or Instagram.  The connections I make through Facebook having lived in a few different towns and being home bound while children rest are important to me and I’m not willing to give them up for fleeting emotions.

I will continue to try to teach my children to be content and also how to focus on the needs and not the wants because in their lessons, I always learn again and again.



Frozen Coconuts

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On Monday, Wil took Lilly for her very first trip to a movie theater.  After hearing a lot of good things about the movie Frozen, I thought it the perfect time to introduce Lilly to buttery popcorn and loud entertainment.  Wil and Lilly were the only two in the theater which I was kinda sorry she missed out on the other people part of the experience.  We think she liked it but it is hard to tell sometimes with Lilly.  Her favorite part, she said, was the ice castle.

Willow stayed with me at home and I am loving that she calls polka dots  “coconuts.”  Willow is also really into dancing to any song that any toy will play.  An audience is required and she usually spins around so much she falls but it is definitely adorable.

Lilly took her new scooter out for a ride around the church grounds.  I pulled Willow on her tricycle and they loved being outside in the winter.  Lilly has been asking about kindergarten and I’m realizing that now is about the time we sign her up for next year.  I’m trying to pretend like she will be in preschool again but the truth is, she is excited for the next step and to be a big elementary schooler.  Now, if only I could get more excited about it.




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I’m having some difficulty re-acclimating to routine and the end of the holiday season.  It has been a Christmas full of food, church, friends, family and gifts.  We had a few sick spots but most everyone stayed healthy and well rested.  2014 snuck in while we were busy playing with our new toys and planning the fun the new year will hopefully bring.  My family has much to be thankful for and with a new year comes reevaluation and the realities that we all have a long way to go as mothers, fathers, friends, daughters and sons.

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Willow and Lilly spent lots of time together and as Willow’s language skills improve, her and Lilly are able to play more and pretend together.  This also brings on more disagreements and frustrations.  I witnessed a few very sweet moments of love between them.  Lilly sets the stage for sharing and caring and with a mischievous glint in her eyes, Willow mimics what she chooses from her older sister’s lessons.


A rare occasion occurred;  Wil and I traveled kid-less to Richmond, Virginia to witness the marriage of a Sewanee friend and Priest Victor Hailey.  It was a beautiful wedding and like all weddings, it reaffirmed my marriage and love for Wil.  Seeing Catt and Rob was worth every hour spent in the car.  There’s something about dear friends and that comfortable rhythm that our conversations fall into.

2013, thanks for all the memories.