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The Telemarketer’s of Religion

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Jehovah’s came to visit me this morning.  They always ring the doorbell when Wil is not here and when I am in my pajamas.  My first thought was, “Could I just ignore them?  Would they go away?”  Instead, I peeked my head out the door and with a smile I greeted them.  Two sweet looking older men stood there and began with a question about whether God would want peace on this Earth.  I answered their questions with generic yes’s and nods of my head, anything to get the whole thing over with.  They handed me their pamphlet, said they’d love to meet Wil one day (because I totally name dropped halfway through) and within 3 minutes they were walking away and I was locking the door.

The telemarketer’s of the religious world, I have been approached a handful of times by Jehovah Witnesses.  When I was younger, seeing strangers at my door threw up all sorts of red flags and I’d give them disapproving looks.  Interestingly enough, I still know pretty much nothing about their religion.  It had me thinking this morning about being an Episcopalian and if people want to brush me aside as quickly as possible when they see me coming.  We only want religion when it is convenient for us.  We go to the stores and we are bombarded by advertisements, we read the information, we are tempted by the sham wow but a telemarketer calls and it’s dinner time or we are in the middle of a hobby and it bothers us, they entered OUR world, not theirs.  God, if you believe, is always there, always surrounding us and so why would someone giving their spin on God be such a bother?  We carve out time for God on Sundays, don’t we?

When they left, for the first time, I decided I was kind of impressed by Jehovah’s.  They are not scared to straight up go door to door to get a few sentences about God in your ear.  Have they ever changed my mind or made me think further?  Well, apparently yes because I’m writing this now and I think that is the whole point.  Sure, they’d like something from me, I’m still not sure what; for me to become a Jehovah’s Witness, a donation for gas or printing fees for the pamphlet?  They have never asked for it though in exact words.  I make the decision to answer the door like I make the decision to pick up the phone.  What I want more then anything is for them to see that an Episcopalian is ready to listen.  I am ready to hear and I am ready to smile at them and show them what God is to me, the opened door.




Growing Love

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I’m feeling a lot of love today.  Some of it I made for myself because sometimes we have to.  It is that funny hallmark holiday that people either roll their eyes at or embrace to the max.  Valentine’s is a great excuse to celebrate love and the level you decide to do it at is the right one.  My children were excited about school and who doesn’t love to get a paper bag full of silly Valentines?!  Wil and I escaped for a romantic dinner and he brought me flowers and chocolate yesterday because he thought yesterday was Valentine’s……and that is really why I love him.  I ate the chocolate immediately and I’m hoping that is why he really loves me.


Big changes have been taking place around here.  Willow has been potty training for five days and we’ve had a few accidents but it has been wickedly successful!  We had tried a few other times but this time was the magically right time.  She also went from a crib to a toddler bed.  With this has come a few issues but nothing major.  One night, she fell out so that wasn’t very good and she’s been waking up really early but she stays in her bed until someone tells her she can get out.  Naps have become a thing of the past.  No nap means we can go out in the afternoons but it also means she’s ready for bed at 6:30.  My baby is disappearing right before my eyes and as much as I love the bright future, it is sad to see the baby days go.

As her appetite has increased, Lilly has been growing.  We feed her dinner and she keeps eating long after everyone else is finished.  It seems we can’t fill her up these days.  Then, when she puts on her clothes, the dresses have become mini and the leggings have become cropped.  I think my mouth has dropped open more then once when she walked out of her room with an outfit on that she is busting out of.

Like a lot of families, we have been listening to the Frozen soundtrack.  Something I noticed with Lilly and Willow is the emotion that they give to the words of “Let It Go.”  Both of them sing it (using some of the right words) with a lot of arm raising and fist making and eye closing.  They get that it is powerful and important.  “I’m A Little Teacup” doesn’t seem to elicit that kind of deep emotion.

I’ve been very jealous of all the snow pictures from Tennessee and North Carolina.  We had some ice and two days off from school but today, the sun shines and the earth warms.  Wil is outside cutting the limbs apart that fell causing many power outages around the neighborhood.


This Valentine’s I send extra love to my dad.  He has been sick and if you have any extra love, please send it his way.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Truth About Being a SAHM

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Let me tell you the truth about being a stay at home mom.  I have read the articles that break down what income stay at home moms would be making if out in the work world.  I have read the articles written by the father, the bacon getter, that praise the work of his stay at home wife.  Yes, raising kids is stressful and tiring and all consuming sometimes but people, I am here to tell you that being a stay at home mom is pretty friggin’ sweet.  Now, I am somewhat spoiled because my children go to preschool and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s I have three whole mornings to myself.  I’ve managed to get myself on a few boards or contributing to a few newsletters here and there.  I have my name on the sub list for the preschool and yes, they call me once or twice a month.  The only real challenge I face is trying to decide in what order I will carry out my daily tasks and how I will fit it all in before Lilly and Willow return.  Somewhere in there I have made myself believe that I am not deserving of a cup of coffee while I watch something off Netflix.  I fill my time cleaning, working out, networking, calling people to fix things, balancing check books, cleaning the yard.  I’ll catch a quick glimpse of Facebook or Instagram but I feel like I have to be constantly in motion.  The work world is enticing for the reasons of extra income, being with adults on a daily basis, feeling like I deserve that down time, and making friends with those adults, but for now, I am so so so content having my life revolve around Wil, Lilly and Willow.  I know one day I will get tired of this.  I will want to find a job.  I will want to move on from being a stay at home.  For now, I am here to tell you the truth: if you want to and can stay at home, you are one of the luckies.  Embrace it.  It could be fleeting.  Take that nap.  Watch that YouTube video.  Walk slowly and absent mindlessly around the grocery store.  Thank God for the gift.  I’m off now because I’ve sat for much too long writing this…..




Disclaimer:  Being a SAHM is not for everyone.

Vermont Visitors

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After the ice moved out and the sun was shining again, we had a visit from Aunt Amy and Uncle Lewis.  This is special for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they live in Vermont and the distance keeps us all apart.  Amy and Lewis are great guests because they like to do the stuff we like to do:  eat, play outside, and go looking for bargains.  It was great to have them here along with Pepaw and Kei Kei.  We laughed a lot, hugged when we could, and did some major catching up.

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Highlights included our very first oyster roast at our house.  It was a lot of fun and we got a great batch of oysters.  Lilly ate WAY too many.  Another highlight was a long run with family.  Being new to running, it felt great to keep up and actually have a conversation while my feet were moving.  Lewis topped it off at the end when he jumped in the ocean.  Yep, after we had an ice storm. Yep.  My most favorite part was the evening talks where we remembered the past and laughed at each others histories.

At one point in the visit, Willow had to be disciplined for hitting Lilly.  Stinker is the best term I can come up with for this cutie when she is in trouble.  The twinkle in the eye, the mischievous smile, the pure innocence as she gets exactly what she wants;  It is so very hard to keep a straight face even when I know I have too.  This evening, she hit Lilly again while they were taking a bath.  Willow had to go straight to bed without book time.  As I heard her wailing from her crib, it broke my heart but I know that the hard work I put in now will make the future better for them and for us.  Discipline is definitely the hardest part of parenting for me.  I’m thankful that Wil and I have the same ideas about discipline so that support is right there when we need it.

Everyone together

Everyone together

Family gives me a lot of strength and I am so lucky to have a family that works so well together.  We hope Amy and Lewis will come again soon or maybe we could go see them…….I’d love to go to Vermont!