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Butterfly Birthday

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Although mine and Lilly’s birthday is only one day out of the year, the week leading up to it tends to be just as festive as the actual day,  like the awesome night I had singing karaoke with a few of my favorites on Thursday.  This year something special happened:  Lilly had her very first, kid only, themed birthday party.  I mean, turning five is kind of a big deal.  So, we started in February planning the theme and finding the stuff.  Some of the best details happened last minute.

After sending invitations to five of her little friends (because she is five and that seems like a manageable amount of children to have in one spot on my watch plus there were actually six girls since two were twins and they are a package deal,)  we collected anything butterfly we could find.  Lilly has wanted a pinata for months so me being the penny pincher I sometimes can be decided we were going to make it ourselves….I mean, how hard could it be?  Well, we gave it a week of making and drying and painting and drying and decorating and drying and the thing pretty much just collapsed into itself with what I assume was the weight of our love and anticipation. Needless to say, I hit up the party store and bought one.

As each day ticked by, Lilly put an X on her horse calendar and then the day was finally here: March 8th.  We spent the morning lounging and eating chocolate doughnuts then I took a long birthday run (one mile for each cupcake I had eaten and we will just pretend the doughnuts never happened) on one of the sunniest days we’ve had in weeks.  After the cake was made, we headed to the church to set it all up.  While Wil and the girls hung the pinata, I planned out a bicycle scavenger hunt.  Lilly’s friends arrived and we ate cake, blew out candles (which Lilly blew them out during the song and I realized that she probably didn’t remember how that all was supposed to go from last time), and then biked ourselves into exhaustion.  After the party folks had all gone home, we headed to BisQit for a birthday burger then I proceeded to sit on the couch while Wil cleaned the kitchen and got the girls ready for bed (happy birthday to me.)  It was a fabulous birthday and it is not lost on me that like a butterfly, Lilly has metamorphosed – into a little lady.

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This morning we were late to church and I blame daylight savings.  After church, we headed to Brookgreen because people, it is so so so beautiful right now. Then we hit the beach which was a little chilly but it ended a great birthday weekend.  Hoping for another year where love grows and life is joyful.




Looking Forward

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It is March, my favorite.  We survived Valentine’s with lots of I love you’s uttered and received.  I helped with Willow’s class party which was a week later due to the ice and weather.


Willow dropped a 5lb dumbbell on her foot two weeks ago.  It has been such a big deal.  She missed school for half a week and is only able to wear sandals.  The nail is pretty much gone and it all looks pretty icky.  While she was missing school, her and I went to Brookgreen to cheer ourselves up.  It worked since the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining.  It was gorgeous.

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One weekend, we all piled into the car and headed to Hilton Head for the Diocesan convention.  Of course, the girls played on the beach and visited our good friend Hawley and her two cuties that moved there a year ago.  The change of scenery was perfectly timed since sometimes, our worlds can get a little bit too small.  The convention was positive and productive.  I’m glad to see things moving forward in a good way.

There is much excitement and change at our house.  Willow is fully potty trained, even at night!  She is doing so well with it.  She is also loving the toddler bed and won’t get out of it without permission which seems to work out for everyone.  Lilly is soooooo excited about her birthday party this weekend.  We have never had a kid only birthday party. Since it’s my birthday too, we’ve always just invited my friends that have kids to a big party.   This year, I let her invite 5 children whether I know the parents or not.  The weather is supposed to be great so fingers crossed….

Lilly and Willow have been playing more and more together but Willow can leave Lilly super frustrated.  Lilly proves herself as a patient and caring big sister over and over.  Willow has entered a tantrum phase which can be utterly exhausting.  I’m trying hard to be consistent and quiet as I tackle the full on drama of having a two year old.



March also brings a lot of churchy things. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday which I have to learn about each year.  I’m always kind of confused but maybe one day it will stick.  My discipline this year is easy but proving difficult already.  Less sweets, more meaningful reading materials and activities.  I live with the liturgical police. Wil was taking extra long returning an item to the store while we waited in the car.  When we saw him coming back our way, I exclaimed, “Oh Hallelujah!”  I was corrected quickly and told not to say that during lent.  Okay okay, I’ll follow the rules….when Wil’s around 😉