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Today has been the most time I’ve spent at home in at least a week. Our schedules have been awesomely busy with summer activities, family visits, and meetings.  It has all been good but it sure was nice to piddle around the house and have the girls in bed by bedtime.

I’ve been noticing some changes in Willow lately.  What Wil and I once labeled “the peg leg,”  Willow has abandoned her baby dance style and now prefers a more twirling into dizziness approach.  She uses words like “actually” and sings entire songs without skipping a beat.  The baby chunk has been replaced with balance and coordination.  My baby days are over.  This definitely leaves me with a diaper shaped void but I knew it would happen and I now turn my focus on what it means to be a girl in this world.

Like a teenager, I have been obsessed with a song from my momentarily favorite band Foster the People.  “The Truth” lays it out in Bowie-esque style.  I interpret the words to motivate me into making my own decisions and acting on what I feel is right.  Trying desperately not to be swayed by someones point of view is a message I need to hear again and again.   We all make mistakes and we don’t always do what is right in the heat of a moment.  Being able to see our faults and learn from them only to come out shinier and happier is the ultimate goal.

I want Lilly and Willow is rise above the drama.  I want them to be the girls who can see both sides of a story and even when one seems better then the other, have compassion for the side that doesn’t make perfect sense.  To be able to admit we are wrong….that’s a tough one when our pride gets in the way.  Stubborn can be Willow’s middle name (I write this as she has once again escaped her bed to ask for a book even though she knows it’s past bedtime.)  Lilly can cry wolf with the best of them but by leading with example, I can try to show them how a girl can be happy with themselves.

To have amazing women who inspire me helps with this moral journey.  Wil’s cousin Sarah and her family along with Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim were in town this past week.  Wil has been away at CREEDO, a great clergy conference thing, and I spent some time getting to know his cousin.  The little girls got a long so well.  I was continuously given strength from family, even if not related by blood.


As I attempt to grow into the person I want to be, Lilly and Willow continue to have some life firsts.  At church, Lilly participated in her very first camp out.  We had fun with S’mores and glow sticks.  Palmetto bugs would hold conventions on near by brick walls but I tried to look past that and listen to the stories and laughter pouring out of the all girl mega tent.  Tired is an understatement but we both came away with a new experience under our belts.

Lilly and Willow bowled for the first time at a friend’s birthday party.  They loved it and enjoyed picking out a different ball for each turn.  Who knew they made bowling shoes in toddler sizes!?

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Well, I would like to say with Wil gone for 7 days that us gals got along smashingly but there was definitely bickering and just pure exhaustion involved.  Not every moment has been stellar and we’ve had some life lessons mixed in to our sunny beach time.  I’m ready for his return and to hear all the things he brought back with him from Virginia.  The Truth is, we need him here with us.


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  1. Once again, you nail “it,” your point, your feelings, your dilemmas, your challenges, and your joys. Love reading your blogs.


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