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Honeymoon’s Over

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First morning of the school year where I sit in total silence, except for the leaf blower and washing machine noises.  Both of our children at school, meeting friends, getting germs.  I have so many things I can do and want to do with my time but this morning, this will be the one I give myself 100% permission to sulk around and wander aimlessly.  Let’s back up….

Last week, Lilly started Kindergarten.  First day came around and the whole family piled into the car to see her go into her new, big school.  I asked her if she wanted to be dropped off at the door or walked in by me or Wil.  Without hesitation she stated that she would walk in on her own.  Not wanting to sound needy, I said, “Okay.  You sure?”  and she stayed true to her first impulse.  And she did.  And I cried.  Wil took a picture of me crying because we didn’t get the “standing by her classroom door” shot.  I did not post that picture because I am an ugly crier.

The rest of the week went on like that:  she was excited to go and happy when she got home.  She was also super duper tired.  On Friday, we managed to go to a back to school party that was lots of fun but she kinda fell apart a few times out of exhaustion.  This morning however, the honeymoon was over.  Lilly dragged getting ready for school and complained about our new carpool set up.  Still happy to actually be going to school but just a bit on the needy side, a side I hadn’t yet seen with kindergarten Lilly.  This made the fact that Willow started her mornings of preschool today a little bit tougher.

IMG_1628 With her new blue, light up shoes on, we strolled on over to St. Peter’s and headed in the door.  Parents and kids were everywhere crying or smiling.  It was the usual beginning of school chaos.  Willow did not want me to leave her and I kinda had to sneak out which I hate to do but seemed necessary.  No tears were shed by Willow but I went out the door with a little hole in my heart.  As much as I truly believe Willow needs and wants to be at school and as much as I love having a few hours each morning to do errands or workout, part of me just wants her to be with me all the time.  Totally unhealthy I’m sure but true none-the-less.

So, here I am, blogging it up, waiting for Wil  to go on a bike ride with me so I didn’t have to be totally alone the first morning.  My thoughts go to the family friend that posted a picture much like the one above with the caption:  “First day of college classes for this girl!” and it becomes all too real how quickly this time will pass.


Meet The Teacher

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Today she will “Meet the Teacher” and tomorrow she starts her long journey of organized learning.  The past week has meant no holds bar fun.  We have done more summer things these past days then we did all summer long.

In my swirl of emotions, I’ve been trying to figure out why this start is so different from all the others.  She has been going to preschool since we lived on Lookout.  Maybe it’s the extended hours or the fact that I can’t just randomly choose to keep her home.  Maybe it’s the size of the school or the fact we have to actually be there on time.  I keep going back to the fact that this is when the intense learning starts.  The knowledge of all that is right and wrong with school.  The beginning of dealing with tough life lessons and losing maybe a bit of innocence along the way.  It’s also the start of lifelong friends and teachers that will make impressions that follow us as adults.


Yes, I know it will be great and I’ll reclaim just a bit of free time each week for myself.  I’ll be praying for my girls and hoping that they will be strong and smart and kind.

Willow has been trying to wrap her head around the fact that she isn’t going to school with Lilly.  They have gotten along so well this summer and have become best friends.



As we begin a journey that so many other families have taken before us, we can’t help but feel how special these next two days will be.  These feelings will only happen once in this exact way.  Maybe I’m building it up a bit but just like a birthday or a wedding, this needs to be celebrated because it will lose that magical feeling as Lilly grows and changes.

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Thinking about all the moms out there who are dropping their babies off in front of doors to big for those little bodies, wearing backpacks that seem to swallow them whole.  How lucky are we to have these opportunities and all this love to give.


Window To The Soul

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Everyone that knows a kid knows what I mean when I say, “The light in a child’s eyes.”  Kids have answers that adults don’t.  That’s one of the reasons why it is so hard when we know that children are suffering.  To know they are suffering and feeling completely unable to help.  It leaves this empty feeling inside.

The past two weeks have brought me so much opportunity to be with Lilly and Willow and bask in their glow.

Asheville was a trip that was taken because Wil was  going to be out of town.  I made it all about kids and family and seeing things I love in and about Asheville.  We missed Wil but knew he was having fun at OshKosh.

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We left Asheville and headed to Nebo where my folks are enjoying the summer on the lake.  It was so nice to spend time with my mom and dad and see some extended family that I rarely get to see.

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Once back in Pawleys, we had a week of Vacation Bible School at HCFM.  Such a great experience. I saw a lot of joy, very few tears, and people working together.  Seeing Wil all morning and getting to work beside each other reminded me so much of why we fell in love at Camp Henry.  It was a great week and I’m still sore from going down the water-slide multiple times. Willow wakes up hoping it is a VBS day.  Not for another 363 days….

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Ahead of us is a week and a few days of time before Lilly starts kindergarten.  I am preparing us both for the change with celebration.  Well, as much as I can muster even though it does seem to make me a little sad.  We’ve done a few drive-byes of the elementary school and read a few books about the first day.  Since she has been in preschool, it won’t be such a major transition but this mom knows that it will be different.

IMG_1474I’m thinking of all the little lights that shine and what that means when the light is fading.