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want want want want want


“What you don’t have you don’t need it now.”  – U2

I have been wanting lately.  I look around me and I see so much but I still want.  Of course it is totally normal to want.  We want good things as much as we want too many good things and a few bad.  I hear from Lilly more during my own times of want, “Can I have ____?”  anything from more paper to going to the arcade.  As I want less and become satisfied with what I have, my children seem to do the same. Fall is yet another season of change.  We get to reinvent who we are as we label our lives with new goals and new wants.

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Recently, we spent the week at a beach house with our folks.  It went from sunny, to cloudy, to rainy, to windy and then a little bit more sun.  The great thing about being right at the beach was that we could experience it through all types of weather.  Sharing the house with everyone was special, even cousin Kylie joined us!

Lilly and Willow have been so busy with school and all the after school activities we are part of.  Willow takes tumble class and swim lessons.  Lilly is just doing the swim lessons right now but the combination keeps us moving around.  In her pink school folder, Lilly brought home her first report card.  She got all “checks” and a nice note from the teacher about how happy she is at school.  That girl knows how to make us proud.


The aired cool off today and we made cookies which we promptly ate way too many of.

Here’s to wanting only the things that make us better, wanting only the things we can afford, and wanting to share our good things with others.  (I’m holding up a Oktoberfest Yuengling beer because gosh darn it, I just wanted one.)



The Man in the Moon



One of the Priest perks that we have been lucky enough to be given are weeks at a parishioners beach house. Granny’s Beach House is right near the pier on Pawleys and provides us with a home not far from our own.  It is so nice to be close enough to run back home to get things but far enough to let the daily house chores be forgotten.  Wil and I would watch the sun set and Lilly and I would watch the sun rise.


Willow and I would hangout in between preschool and getting Lilly from kindergarten.  This has become a special time for us when it’s just me and her.


Last night, as Wil and I sat on the porch under the stars, it felt like we could actually see the curve of the Earth.  The man in the moon was very clear and we both commented on it at the exact same time.  I entertained the idea of getting Lilly up to see it but decided that sleep was a better idea for her because she has been SOOOOOO tired after school.  She loves the fact that I hate touching live fish.  She tried to convince me to touch the eye ball on some of Wil’s bait.  That’s a big no……



Once the sun came out, the weather was just about perfect and I’m a little sad to leave the beach house.  There’s no place like home but we are so thankful for our time near the big waters.  It reminds us how truly small we are and how very big the universe is.  As we remember 9/11 and are continually affected by news of war and violence, I can look to mother nature and know that beauty will always be there to soothe my soul.


Another Happy Birthday

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Wil and Willow celebrated another day of birth yesterday, a year of living.  Wil went fishing after a few hours of work and Willow went to school equipped with chocolate chip cookies for everyone and scratch and sniff stickers.  When asked how old she was she would say, “I’m three, four, five, six”  while concentrating very hard on putting up the right amount of fingers.  As I was driving around town to get the cupcakes and balloons, I recalled her birth story and the first few hours of her life.  We were so sure we were having a boy that we had only picked out the one girl name.  Now, I can’t imagine a life without my spunky girl.  She enters the three’s full of song and dance, full of hugs and cuddles, and full of tantrums and laughter. I’m holding on to the way she says words (Cwacka= Cracker) and the way she says “no” first to everything and then in a heartbeat will change her answer.  Soon, those endearing qualities will turn into new talents.


After taking Lilly to open house so she could show me around her classroom, we feasted on crab legs and cupcakes.  I discovered that Willow does not like cupcakes.  I was forced to finish her somewhat gnawed heap of chocolate.  Someone had to do it because there was no wasting these gems.  Then, we did a scavenger hunt for the gifts which Lilly was manically excited about.  So excited in fact that she wasn’t making much sense before the hunt and then after she fell apart into a crying mess.

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It was a good day with a bit of “have to” and a lot of “want to.”  Thanks to everyone for all the happy wishes.


Labor of Love

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I’m starting to think Labor Day is my favorite “day off.”  It’s a no expectations, nothing terrible happened, no gifts needed day to be with family and friends (unless you in fact did work then it was basically a tribute day?  That probably doesn’t help.)

This past week was really, really good.  Keeping with the whole “feast or famine” schedule, Wil was able to take a few mornings off while the girls were at school and he and I had date mornings.  September is so wonderful here.  The crowds thin out, the air is still hot and the water still wants to be played in.  We also know some really great people that give us access to some of the most beautiful spots in this town.  Being grateful comes easy when faced with such beauty.


Lilly and Willow had their first full weeks at school. I heard very few complaints and smooth transitions.  Willow started a new creative movement and tumbling class.  She was way into it, following all the directions and doing forward rolls.  She will, along with Wil, be celebrating a birthday this week.  I just wish I could get her eating more.  She has really become such a picky eater.  I hate sending her to bed with a few pieces of cantaloupe and one bite of potato swimming in her tummy but she doesn’t seem to want dinner, or much of it anyways.


Lilly got her first jelly fish sting today.  We spent a good part of the day with friends playing at the inlet of Pawleys and Litchfield.  Lilly had been a little whiny and cryish earlier on so when she got stung, I just wasn’t very sympathetic.  I brushed it off as another tired tantrum.  Then, Willow got stung and I took a closer look at Lilly’s leg.  Sure enough, the marks of a jelly!  The whole event sparked a story telling of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  As much as I know the outbursts and baby talk are a sign that attention isn’t being given somewhere along the way, it is like nails on a chalkboard and I react in ways I’m not always proud of.  I felt a tinge of guilt that I didn’t get to care for her while the sting was setting in but I was trying to ignore the behavior that I didn’t like.  We are hoping the story made an impression.  Lilly is so brave and so sweet that when her behavior isn’t A+, I’m hard on her.  It makes me miss her when she is at school and hug her a little tighter at the end of the day……