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The Man in the Moon



One of the Priest perks that we have been lucky enough to be given are weeks at a parishioners beach house. Granny’s Beach House is right near the pier on Pawleys and provides us with a home not far from our own.  It is so nice to be close enough to run back home to get things but far enough to let the daily house chores be forgotten.  Wil and I would watch the sun set and Lilly and I would watch the sun rise.


Willow and I would hangout in between preschool and getting Lilly from kindergarten.  This has become a special time for us when it’s just me and her.


Last night, as Wil and I sat on the porch under the stars, it felt like we could actually see the curve of the Earth.  The man in the moon was very clear and we both commented on it at the exact same time.  I entertained the idea of getting Lilly up to see it but decided that sleep was a better idea for her because she has been SOOOOOO tired after school.  She loves the fact that I hate touching live fish.  She tried to convince me to touch the eye ball on some of Wil’s bait.  That’s a big no……



Once the sun came out, the weather was just about perfect and I’m a little sad to leave the beach house.  There’s no place like home but we are so thankful for our time near the big waters.  It reminds us how truly small we are and how very big the universe is.  As we remember 9/11 and are continually affected by news of war and violence, I can look to mother nature and know that beauty will always be there to soothe my soul.



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  1. A touching and thoughtful commentary on our island home. Thanks for sharing. I am a devoted reader of the Keith Chronicles.


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