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want want want want want


“What you don’t have you don’t need it now.”  – U2

I have been wanting lately.  I look around me and I see so much but I still want.  Of course it is totally normal to want.  We want good things as much as we want too many good things and a few bad.  I hear from Lilly more during my own times of want, “Can I have ____?”  anything from more paper to going to the arcade.  As I want less and become satisfied with what I have, my children seem to do the same. Fall is yet another season of change.  We get to reinvent who we are as we label our lives with new goals and new wants.

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Recently, we spent the week at a beach house with our folks.  It went from sunny, to cloudy, to rainy, to windy and then a little bit more sun.  The great thing about being right at the beach was that we could experience it through all types of weather.  Sharing the house with everyone was special, even cousin Kylie joined us!

Lilly and Willow have been so busy with school and all the after school activities we are part of.  Willow takes tumble class and swim lessons.  Lilly is just doing the swim lessons right now but the combination keeps us moving around.  In her pink school folder, Lilly brought home her first report card.  She got all “checks” and a nice note from the teacher about how happy she is at school.  That girl knows how to make us proud.


The aired cool off today and we made cookies which we promptly ate way too many of.

Here’s to wanting only the things that make us better, wanting only the things we can afford, and wanting to share our good things with others.  (I’m holding up a Oktoberfest Yuengling beer because gosh darn it, I just wanted one.)



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  1. I told you to stay away from boys and beer….but here you are! Daddy George


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