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Ebola.  If you are breathing and connected to media, this is the headlines.  It’s the thought in the back of your head when you sanitize your shopping cart or blow your kids nose.  It is scary.  There’s the guilt knowing that unlike Africa, America might be able to contain it and treat it.  There’s the ability to prepare, ration and save.  So, I have decided to stop worrying.  I have decided to have the mindset that I might just get Ebola and see how that changes my day.  Instead of the worry, I feel this need to savor my cup of coffee.  I feel this need to run in the rain.  I feel this need to kiss what little bit of baby fat Willow has left.  I feel the need to play my favorite music and dance around the room while my children laugh at me.  People who are already sick with something else know this.  I consider myself somewhat of a hot mess and therefore need to give myself these pep talks.

Lucky for me I don’t have Ebola and I can flip and flop in my head to what’s important and those trivial things that make up our day to day.  God knows that us humans are like this and that is why there is beauty if we want it.  God also knows that we are going to dwell and knit pick and has planned to be our backup for strength and understanding.  Thanks God.


Weddings and funerals.  They both remind us of so much and give us a chance to reflect or plan.  I attended my cousin Samantha’s wedding at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville.  Good. ness.  It was gorgeous!  She was gorgeous!  My family got to be together in leisurely pleasure, dressed in our best during one of the best seasons.  It was such a good time.

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On the flipside, Wil is in Asheville attending the funeral of a dear family friend: Keith.  He traveled in rain and watched the  temperature drop.  His heart is heavy.  Keith will be missed and we will have his family in our thoughts for many weeks to come.

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Lilly read me most of the words in a book we have for basic readers.  She was sooooo proud of herself.  It made my heart swell.  Then, I would go to turn off her light and she was still looking at books.

Willow is living into the “do it myself” segment of life.  When Lilly does something for her, she gets so frustrated!  She also wore her first ponytail to school today.  She was adorable!

Carrots from her tree house

Carrots from her tree house

dress up

dress up

When Willow cries because she wants a band aid for nothing at all or Lilly fake laughs in a manic fashion, I want them to know that I love them through each emotion.  I’m happy for today and the chance to live it.


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