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Something I have been working towards is accepting when friendships don’t work especially when they were difficult to begin with.  For some reason, I have a hard time with this because part of me feels like a failure when relationships don’t work out.  Last weekend, I went with Wil to the Episcopal Church in South Carolina’s General Convention.  I go to these things when I can (Thank You Kei Kei and Pepaw!) for three reasons:  1.) I would have no idea what is going on in the church if I didn’t  2.)To support and be with Wil and 3.) To hang out with other clergy spouse and non-priest participants.  The whole event was relatively smooth with just a few boring parts and a couple of hiccups.  The thing I came away with was how much love this group has for each other.  Bishop vonRosenberg is just about as special as they come and he had me in tears when he thanked Annie, his wife, for all that she does.  This woman has a story to tell and with smiles and a light heart, she informs me of the who’s who and the back stories that I am totally oblivious to.  In some ways, I feel very much so under her wing but it is a wing that is as light as one feather and  invisible unless you really look for it.  After coming away from the weekend with so much in my mind and in my heart, I reflected on my relationship with her and a few other people in my past that stand out as true gems, people that God truly talks through.  With a long car ride home, Wil and I discussed the boundaries we have with people and how sometimes we think the folks that we have no boundaries with are the easiest friendships but boundaries can lead to a lot of respect and a lot love.  As a clergy family, friendships without boundaries are almost unheard of so it is nice to think it has a silver lining.


Instead of “actually” Willow says “nasacally” and sings the Pippi Longstocking song on repeat and loudly.  Lilly is back in dance class (much to my happiness) and really into reading simple books.  I love watching her be so proud of herself.  They are both excited about the upcoming holidays.


Wil has been working a lot.  That’s advent around here.  He did manage to get himself assigned as the Chaplin for the Midway Fire Department.  We now listen to calls on the scanner and he has gotten to ride in the truck.  I have to admit the hat looks good on him. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 8.10.41 PM

I’ve been subbing a lot for the preschool which has been great but really gets in the way of my ME time. 😉

I’ve also been struggling with whether to put Lilly in Montessori school next year.  There are good arguments going on in my head for both sides.  So, as I reflect on all the boundaries I have set up in my life, from being a parent to my kids and not a friend and being an example of an Episcopalian to my friends, I realize that it isn’t always easy but the benefits are many.



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